DJ Khaled Snaps His Baby Boy's Birth To His Own Music

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Last month, we witnessed live birth via the social media accounts of a makeup vlogger and former reality-TV star. They were both upstaged this weekend by none other than DJ Khaled, who shared fiancée Nicole Tuck's adventures in labor on Snapchat.

"I always thought as soon as the water breaks and the queen gets contractions, then the icon comes out," Khaled wrote on one snap, giving a pretty good PSA about just how long childbirth usually takes. "There's no shortcuts to greatness, success."

As Complex reported, Khaled announced back in June on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he was planning on snapping the birth, so at least we know Tuck wasn't taken by surprise while she was otherwise occupied. However, the producer wasn't content just to document the miracle of life for his fans. He decided to multitask by playing his new album, Major Key, in the delivery room.

As his longtime girlfriend, Tuck must also be a fan of his music and prefer it over the more soothing soundtrack you might find in a typical birth plan.

"My baby's here!" Khaled says in another video before premiering his latest track: the first cries of his son. Another first? DJ Khaled just made us cry a little.

Congrats to #DJKhaled and his fiancée on their baby boy 👶🏽🍼🔑

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