The 30 Cool-Girl Sweatshirts To Wear Outside Of Your Apartment

Now that it's getting colder, you have to make some important decisions while getting dressed in the morning. Should your chief concern be getting from your apartment to the office without frostbite? Or should your clothing choices be made solely on how strongly each item screams "proud feminist?" Luckily, with the right sweatshirt, you can be both cozy and obviously upset with the current ratio of men to women in the Senate. There's a slightly fuzzy option for every particular strain of girl power: Put on something Queen Bey-themed when you want to take over the world; layer a "nasty woman" sweatshirt underneath your power suit. The options are endless.

Click through to find the perfect winter-wear item that appropriately conveys how much you want to overthrow the patriarchy. Girl power, you know?
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Important leading ladies to know.

Rachel Antonoff Names Sweatshirt, $98, available at Rachel Antonoff.
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This one donates 10% of sales to Planned Parenthood. A win for all.

323 Infinite Boob Sweater, $180, available at 323.
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One of those things you didn't even know you needed until you saw it.

Gravel and Gold Boobs Sweatshirt, $110, available at Otherwild.
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It's important to be specific.

Wild Feminist Crew, $50, available at WildFang.
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It's kind of you to warn people.

Shop Tuesday Aggressive Hoodie, $70, available at Shop Tuesday.
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Spellcheck who?

Modern Woman Women Wimmin Womin Womyn Sweatshirt, $50, available at Otherwild.
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You woke up like this, and you have no intention of changing.

Petals + Peacocks Braless Graphic Sweatshirt, $58, available at Nasty Gal.

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Say it loud, say it proud.

Private Party Nasty Woman, $79, available at Private Party.
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Support women with this sweatshirt — 15% of proceeds go to Women on Wings, a non-profit focused on creating jobs for women in India.

The Outrage Working Girls 'Femme' Sweatshirt, $60, available at The Outrage.
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You're a strong, independent woman — you can cry if you want to.

WildFox Cry BB Roadtrip Sweater, $86.40, available at WildFox.
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President and CEO.

Forever 21 Good Girls Club Sweatshirt, $17.90, available at Forever 21.
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You know what it is.

Eclectic Press UK GRL PWR Sweater Baby Pink Pastel Sweatshirt, $30.75, available at Etsy.
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A whimsical design paired with a no-nonsense slogan.

Zoe Karssen I Don't Play Nice Loose Fit Raglan Sweat, $127.54, available at Zoe Karssen.
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Absolutely no connection to a certain Thicke entertainer.

Chinti and Parker Intarsia cashmere sweater, $347, available at Net-A-Porter.

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Honest, but not at all apologetic.

Reformation Angst Hoodie, $128, available at Reformation.
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When you want everyone to know you have big dreams.

American Eagle Easy Graphic Fleece Sweatshirt, $23.97, available at American Eagle.
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For the days when mansplaining gets to be too much.

Unif Screaming Hoodie, $128, available at Unif.

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A reminder that you've got this, every time you slip it on.

Camp Collection Feelin' Good Velour Pullover, $78, available at Camp Collection.
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You, as a woman, contain multitudes.

REDValentino London Kaye Special Edition, $358, available at REDValentino.
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An age-old mantra.

Eleven Paris Girlpatch Sweatshirt, $65, available at Eleven Paris.

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Inspire the next generation.

H&M Power to the Girls, $17.00, available at H&M.
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What you always are, all the time.

Mango Metallic Message Sweatshirt, $49.99, available at Mango.
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Because you do.

Sundry Shine Active Cropped Pullover, $116, available at Sundry.
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The definition of.

Feminine Sweater, $113, available at ASOS.

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Fair warning: People might burst into song at the sight of your sweatshirt.

Brunette Who Runs The World Sweatshirt, $79, available at Nordstrom.
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In case anyone you encounter needs an anatomy refresher.

Rachel Antonoff Female Reproductive System Sweatshirt, $98, available at Rachel Antonoff.
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To round out your collection in tribute to this anthem.

Lover Fleece Sweatshirt, $89, available at W. Concept.
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Reveal your secret identity, but you don't have to reveal your powers.

Iro Fael Sweat, $262.50, available at Orchard Mile.

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You know?

Redressed Sushi Rolls Not Gender Roles Sweatshirt, $21.14, available at Etsy.
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It works whether your style inspo was this or this.

Forever 21 Good Girls Club Sweatshirt, $17.90, available at Forever 21.


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