The Best Of Saturday Night Live With Benedict Cumberbatch

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Saturday Night Live with Benedict Cumberbatch brought plenty of British humor. From the Koohl toilet, which parodied the famous 1984 Apple commercial, to literally every other sketch with Cumberbatch in it, we got a dose of the understated.

The wheels did go off the tracks here and there. In the cold open, Alec Baldwin's Trump faced off against Kate McKinnon's Clinton one last time before the election. Smartly, and in a moment of much-needed humanity after months of watching these two have the nastiest fights possible, both broke character and ran down the streets of NYC holding hands while Arcade Fire played. Their calls to the audience to vote on Tuesday are appreciated by all.

However, the best sketch has to be the surprise bachelorette party for a granny played by Aidy Bryant. This season, our favorite moments have come when the women of the cast seem to go out on their own, creating lady-centric sketches that speak to the darker side of womanhood.

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The Final Trump Vs. Clinton Sketch

There were no new debates, so SNL paired Alec Baldwin's Trump against Kate McKinnon's Clinton one last time in a CNN interview in which Trump kisses a member of the FBI, Putin, and a member of the KKK on the mouth while Clinton is continually asked about her emails.

Things take a turn when both of the actors break character at the end to acknowledge how bad watching this election has made everyone feel. After a cathartic run through NYC, they encouraged us all to vote. VOTE!
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Surprise Bachelorette Party

What happens when you throw granny a surprise bachelorette party because she's getting remarried at 83? Weekend at Bernie's, granny-style. Watch for the male strippers, stay for Kate McKinnon as granny's friend.
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Koohl Toilet

In a debatably clever play on Apple's famous Think Different ad, Cumberbatch backwards-straddles a toilet, because it's cool. Please, no.
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The Church Lady Returns

Dana Carvey dropped by to reprise his '90s character, the Church Lady, for a commentary on the election: "Instead of resting up for church, you're up late making jokes about Anthony's wiener." Well, isn't that special?
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Weekend Update's The Voice

Hey, what happens when you get the Chicago Cubs and Bill Murray to sing? Watch this clip and find out.

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