Deserted Disney World Is The Spookiest Magical Kingdom

Photo: Kent Phillips/Disney/Getty Images.
Disney World during Hurricane Matthew is probably the creepiest the theme park will look all Halloween season. Deserted due to weather-related evacuations, the Magic Kingdom appeared more like the Walking Dead set.

The Walt Disney World resort remained closed from Thursday at 5 p.m. until Saturday morning. This was only the fourth time since its 1971 opening that the Orlando attraction has closed. According to USA Today, each time has been for hurricane-related reasons.

Guests who booked their theme-park getaways through the Walt Disney Travel Company have been offered certain cancellation fee waivers and courtesy travel rearrangements.

The upshot of Hurricane Matthew raining on Mickey's parade? As this Instagram tour shows, the theme park on lockdown really is a small world, after all.
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Photo: via @disney_mouse_ears.
Did Cinderella evacuate her castle, too?
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Photo: via @nicolexleigh.
A little rain won't stop Mouseketeers from having fun.
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Photo: via @anna.jarema.
That rain is really coming down. And that was just day one of the hurricane in Florida.
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Photo: via @joeludvigsen.
The last few guests making their way off Main Street after the mass exodus.
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Photo: via @jacobsphotopass.
Main Street looks more like a forgotten side street.
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Photo: via @jlucci09.
"Parks are closed, flights are canceled, looks like we are stuck in our resort till Saturday," Instagram user jlucci09 wrote. "The food court is like a scene from The Walking Dead."

We wouldn't disagree with that assessment. Especially with this filter.
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Photo: via @fufumuppet.
A gloomy perspective on leaving the happiest place on earth.
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Photo: via @kaleyyatess.
Hollywood Studios was completely cleared out in under 45 minutes, according to Instagramer and Disney employee kaleyyatess.
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Photo: via @disnerd_adventures.
Epcot? More like Ep-not.
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Photo: via @livefastdiepoor.
Good thing Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster.
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Photo: via @at_sorivi.
Instagram user at_sorivi said it best with this caption: "Matthew gives Disney an eerie feel, like the evil villains are coming."
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Photo: via @leeniepics.
Hurricane Matthew was an especially messy Disney guest.
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Photo: via @disnerd_adventures.
When clouds rolled in, the path to Cinderella's castle cleared up.

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