31 Perfect Looks To Copy This October

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Now, we're not normally ones to play favorites, but there's something about fall — and the style that comes with it — that really gets us excited about clothes again. Sure, each change of season brings that feeling of newness and the anticipation of breaking out pieces you only get to wear for a few dedicated months of the year (think: a jacket, for winter, or a bathing suit, for summer). But autumn is one of those rare times where you can borrow items from both warmer and cooler temperatures and, well, get creative.

That's why October, smack dab in the middle of the season, is all about juxtapositions — pairing your thin, floral frock with a thicker jacket and boots, wearing your jeans and blouse with open-toed shoes, taking a slip and turning it into a tunic. Click through for 31 outfits that take layering, pattern-mixing, and alternative shirting to the next-level. Reminder: If you're going to take a fashion risk, now's the time (winter is coming, after all).
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We're not against the thought of suspenders. Actually, we're very much here for it.
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The definition of transitional dressing: Pair a floral dress with a furry winter coat, pair your sandals with some ankle socks. Done and done.
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Number one on our fall wish list? Something (anything, really) patent leather.
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Number two? Metallic shoes, preferably booties. This simple jeans and a sweater combination proves just how versatile gold shoes really are.
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You've see the trend for seasons now, but it's finally time to take the leap and wear your dress over some pants.
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For a more luxe athleisure look, opt for a fabric and color that's more neutral than sporty.
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Alternative shirting at its finest. If you haven't already, invest in a white button-up that features something different, like tons of ruffles or extra-long sleeves.
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Dress up your T-shirt and jeans by finishing it off with a blazer. Simple as that.
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Utilize a wrap dress as a longline tunic that sits perfectly over a pair of wide-legged pants or culottes, and under a denim or leather jacket.
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Add dimension to a simple slip by adding a mini skirt on top (here, the denim breaks up the black silk fabric).
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Invest in a bomber jacket (whether solid-colored, or a quirky print). You can wear it all fall long, and then break it out again come spring.
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Bring a maxi skirt into cooler temps with a thicker texture and seasonal hue, like burgundy, navy, or deep green.
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Why wear tons of colors when you can just wear one?
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In a sea of button-ups and bell sleeves, try a pussy-bow blouse for a top that's the right dose of both casual and formal.
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A prime example of a spring look that can easily be done in colder weather. Just add a coat.
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What better way to make a pinstriped suit feel more casual than by pairing it with Adidas?
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Double the flare, because, why not?
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Two patterns are always better than one.
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Now this is a "matching" set we can get behind.
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Bring the Canadian tuxedo into 2016 by keeping the top half oversized and unbuttoned. Metallic booties don't hurt, either.
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For days when you just can't quite figure out what season it is, keep it simple in a sweater and mini skirt.
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Yes, you 100% can wear white after Labor Day.
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If you're not totally feeling the athleisure look, try integrating it into your wardrobe in steps. Here, a sweatshirt and sneakers are paired with a pink mini skirt, rather than trackpants.
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A turtleneck sweater dress is just one of those fall staples that will never steer you wrong.
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Leggings are pants. Seriously.
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Loungewear for daytime is very now; make it feel extra-special with a shimmery fabric, rather than your classic striped silk.
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Because a wrap dress looks good no matter what season it is.
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Tug your oversized sweater slight off-the-shoulder for a styling trick that's straight off the runway.
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Straight out of the Vetements playbook.
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Here's two pieces that you wouldn't necessarily pair together, but totally work. Even if you don't think something will mesh, there's no shame in trying it out.
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Nothing makes florals feel more autumnal than a good pair of gold shoes.

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