The Best Books Of May 2018 Are All Right Here

May is officially the start of summer living. And with that, the season of the beach reads begins. We’re here to help you out on the most important decision of your summer: Which book will you bring along on vacation?
The books of May 2018 offer up a variety of adventures for the eager reader. You can embark on a steamy affair with a mermaid in Melissa Broder’s equally manic and romantic The Pisces. You can venture into the American prison system in Rachel Kushner’s The Mars Room. You can experience the thrum of Lagos, Nigeria, in Chibundu Onuzo’s Welcome to Lagos.
Or, perhaps you want an adventure that mirrors your daily life. Well, Caroline Moss and Michelle Markowitz’ hilarious book, Hello Ladies, is the perfect roast of you, your friends, and all the other millennial-aged women in your life. It’s so real it hurts.
Here are the books of May we’re most excited about.
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