This Quiz Might Make You Rethink Where You Buy Groceries

We may love Whole Foods. But we also know that groceries at the chain do not come cheap. (It has that nickname for a reason, after all.)

Yes, the brand is trying to address its price issues by opening a series of budget-friendly markets. Yes, it often has great deals. And yes, you can find some seriously good snacks for as little as $5 if you know where to look. But, if faced with some of Whole Foods' most expensive and affordable buys, do you know which is which?

If you answered "Heck yes!" without hesitation (or even if you blurted a hesitant "maybe"), we dare you to take this quiz. You might be surprised how items like a bag of coffee beans or a pasta dinner stack up against one another. Which do you put at the top of the paycheck-drowning heap?

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