This Is How To Pull Off Summer's Hottest Beauty Trends

Every season we're inundated with trends, from unexpected runway looks to Hollywood movements to, most recently, social media crazes. All of which create so many options that it's safe to say we hit peak trend every few months — or, at least, get very close.

Getting a bit overwhelmed? We feel it, too, which is why we spend countless hours trying to analyze, monitor, and report on the ones you need to know about. That said, let us introduce you to the ultimate trend-focused summer shopping list.

We took our favorite trends — blue eye makeup, no-lipstick lipstick, eye strobing — and paired each with the best product for the job. So while an unexpected summer lip color may take courage to wear, picking the liquid lipstick to make it a reality has already been done for you. Translation: Bookmark this page, ready your shopping carts, and get ready to experiment.

Ahead, we've laid out the raddest of-the-moment summer looks you'll want to wear — and broken down everything you need to know to get them.

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No-Lipstick Lipstick

First came no-makeup makeup, and now the beauty industry is intent on bringing a slew of lip colors that look like nothing at all — but better. We're calling it no-lipstick lipstick: a natural-looking tint that looks like you ate a Popsicle...or just happen to have perfectly flattering lip color by nature.

There are a few different ways to sport this trend. We love Milk Makeup's new marker for its matte finish and budge-proof pigments and Glossier's Generation G for its ultra-flattering hint of color.

On a budget? Fret not, because Revlon's Balm Lacquer comes in a whole range of shades that are pro-approved and won't break the bank.

Milk Makeup Lip Marker, $20, available at Milk Makeup.

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Just when we thought we'd hit peak highlighter, the red carpet exploded with strategically applied shimmery shadow that, quite literally, lights up the eyes. Dubbed "eye-strobing," this trend will surely live on past summer for two big reasons: It's crazy-easy to do and looks good on everyone.

You'll want to find a shadow or highlighter that is flattering to your skin tone (find tips here) and apply it with a small shadow brush or squeaky-clean lip brush. We like a wet-dry powder formula, which, when used with a slightly damp brush, gives just the right amount of precision and staying power.

To get the look, apply the shadow damp just above and below your tear duct, continuing the color just past the beginning of your lashes. Blend well and pair with mascara. Et voilà: bright eyes like you've never seen.

NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Himalia, $29, available at Sephora.
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Lip Gloss

Something strange happened this season that even we didn't see coming: the revival of lip gloss. Those who got in on the trend the last time around may feel uneasy, especially since it was the stickiest trend of the aughts. But rest assured that new formulas are far more modern that the ones we collected back in 2005.

The differences? New releases are lightly tinted and shiny, but lack the sticky factor — and most importantly, are free of shimmer! Between Kylie's formula and the relaunch of Lancôme's Juicy Shaker, you've got plenty of-the-moment options to select from.

Tip: These new glosses look surprisingly modern with flushed cheeks and a flick of liquid liner. Go ahead and give 'em a go — high school you is going to be thrilled.

Lancôme Juicy Shaker, $21, available at Sephora.
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Tan...In The Shower
The St. Tropez in-shower gradual tanner lets you get tan without interfering with your routine — no airbrushing, dry time, or awkward naked moments required. And it's crazy-fast: Just slather on the formula like a body lotion while your skin is still wet, wait three minutes, then rinse it off. With the new, deeper shade, a golden tan develops over eight hours, and it gets darker with daily use.

St. Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan Golden Glow in Medium, $25, available at Sephora.
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Color-correcting is happening in a big way — and while slightly very intimidating, it's actually pretty easy once you master the technique. The technique is, basically, an art-school trick applied to makeup. It works by diffusing unwanted color (such as redness around the nose or dark undereye circles) before you apply your go-to makeup.

Because color-correcting can be tricky, we suggest starting with a wallet-friendly palette before investing in the expensive stuff. Then play artist by layering color-wheel opposites over undesirable tones (green goes over red blemishes, yellow over purple acne scars or undereye circles, and so on), then pat your concealer or foundation on top.

Nyx 3C Concealer Palette Medium, $11.99, available at Target.
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Blue Eyeliner

One of spring's biggest trends is wildly flattering on absolutely everyone and sees no signs of slowing down for summer. Blue looks fresh, modern, and seasonally appropriate no matter your skin tone or eye shape. Plus, there is no shortage of inspiration to peruse before picking up a brush — here are some of our favorite ideas.

Tip: We love the bright pigment and easy application of Tarte's new shade. There are two A-plus ways to wear it. Option A: Using a brush, paint a thin line just under your bottom lashline to create a look that pops, but is far from over-the-top. A neutral, shimmery shadow on the eyelid and a heavy coating of black mascara will tie it all together. Option B: Paint on your go-to cat-eye in a bright aqua instead of black.

Tarte Clay Pot Waterproof Liner in Unicorn Kisses, $21, available at Sephora.
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Non-Traditional Lip Color

You know you want to — so just do it! Whether it's black, purple, cobalt, or even white, there has never been a better time to try one of this season's most unexpected lip colors.

We recommend a matte formula that won't cost an arm and a leg — after all, this is not a foolproof trend. Read: You might hate it. Our best advice to avoid disappointment? Pick an unexpected color that you already wear on your eyes; that way you'll know it will be flattering against your skin. Stick to a matte texture, which will be more precise in application, then do your makeup as you normally would — with a touch more definition.

Tip: Tightlining your eyes (brown or black liner applied on the waterline or subtly applied at the lashline) and amping up your brows will help balance bold lips. Then, add a touch of bright blush to bring some life to your complexion. Sure, the lips are the star, but the rest of the face plays a supporting role.

ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in Jellies, $6, available at ColourPop.
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A Pro Highlighting Kit

If you make one big makeup splurge this summer, let it be this. Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath has been a leading force in the beauty game for as long as we can remember, lending her talents to many other lines along the way (from CoverGirl to Gucci). Now — finally! — she's releasing her own formulas.

Skin Fetish is a three-part highlighting kit, containing a two-sided balm and highlighter, brush, and powder pigment. With these knockout products you can create numerous effects, from slightly dewy skin perfect for day to a full-on disco-ball look that will steal the spotlight on a night out.

Oh, and the sequin-packed packaging is the ultimate beauty IG right now. Just sayin'.

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish 003, $72, available at Sephora.
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A Monotone Palette

We've been talking about mono makeup for a while now. Not only is it one of Hollywood's latest beauty trends, but it looks good on everyone and is well-suited for every occasion you could imagine, from a night out to a chill day running around town. Plus, it's subtle and easy to pull off since there are no harsh lines or technical aspects past picking the right hues.

You can score this look by playing matchmaker in your makeup bag, or simply pick up a palette with a lot of hues in the same family. This one from Make Up For Ever is a bit pricey, but it will last and ensure your lips, cheeks, and eyes harmonize.

Make Up For Ever Flash Color Palette Multi-use Cream Color Palette, $99, available at Sephora.

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