A Look Back At The Best Nail Moments Of 2015

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We covered a lot of makeovers, products, and the year's good and bad beauty moments. But the category that that had the most surprises wasn't on our heads or faces, but our hands. Our nails, to be exact.

We saw a decrease in nail art his year, but out-of-the-box ideas for our digits are still holding on strong. We're talking nail polish in a spray can, machines that adorn our fingertips with emoji, and decals that are slightly NSFW. Ahead, we take a look back at the year in nails.
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Photo: Courtesy ShadeScoutNails.
Polish Matching App
Ever wanted to coordinate your nail polish with your outfit? How about your dog? The ocean? You can. Back in November, FaceCake introduced ShadeScoutNails, an app that will match your polish to any color in nature. FaceCake's founder and CEO Linda Smith tells Mashable that she wanted to create "an instant way to translate brilliant real-life colors into direct product results," and to help users discover new shades that are available for immediate purchase.
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Shattered Glass Nails
The prettiest nail art to come out of 2015 was definitely the shattered glass nails trend. Created with mini pieces of cellophane, light reflects off the design in a never-before-seen way.
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Photo: Courtesy Color Club.
PSL-Scented Nail Polish
Remember when everybody's pumpkin spice latte obsession extended into the hair category? Well, over in the nail space, Color Club released a polish that smells like — wait for it — pumpkin spice lattes.
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3-D Nail Art
Nail art isn't dead and gone, it's just entered a new dimension. Director Mizuki Kawano and producer Yuna Takayama collaborated to create a total of 521 artificial nails using a ProJet 660 Pro 3-D printer. They then brought them to life in their mesmerizing animation, "Transforming," which you can watch here.
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Photo: Courtesy Preemadonna.
Emoji Nailbot
Before the Lacey nailbot, emoji were merely little icons we used on our smartphones in lieu of actual words. Now, the smiley faces, dollar signs, and red dress-clad ladies can live on your nails. Using the camera on the back of your phone, the machine prints full-color art on nails in mere seconds. All you have to do is swipe on a coat of white nail polish beforehand.

"The Nailbot uses inkjet, and will eventually use actual nail polish, that is controlled through its system over wireless connection...to decorate the nail with a swipe or through a motorized solution," explains Tech Crunch. "In addition to the Nailbot itself, users can create, design, modify and share their art with the accompanying app."

Read more about the bot here.
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Photo: Courtesy Kid Licks.
Edible Nail Polish
Scented nail polish is fine, dandy, and cool, but what really made us go wtf?! this year was the introduction of edible nail polish. Kid Licks is an organic polish that's 100% child-friendly, safe, organic, and digestible. Intrigued? We talked with the founders of the company a couple months back; you can read all about it here.
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Advanced DIY Nail Art
Nail brand Caption is trying to make nail art a whole lot easier for the common gal with stamping plates. It works just how you'd think: You paint polish onto the plate and proceed to stamp the design on your nails. According to Glamour, the kits are available to nail pros right now, but will hopefully be open to the public very soon.
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Photo: Courtesy Rad Nails.
NSFW Nail Decals
Lena Dunham and her newsletter, Lenny Letter, launched an e-commerce site earlier this month. With the launch came a packet of nail wraps Dunham created with Chrissy Mahlmeister, the founder of Rad Nails and lifestyle editor at Buzzfeed. The "Nudes" decals include illustrations of incognito breasts, butts, and nether regions. While the designs may be discreet, they left a big and lasting impression on us.
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Photo: Courtesy Londontown.
Smudge Be Gone
It happens to the best of us: You choose to save a couple bucks and DIY your manicure this week. It's all going well until the drying phase. You go to tighten the cap on your topcoat and — boom — a smudge appears. Any other time, you'd have to either suck it up and deal or re-do the nail altogether. That is, until now. Londontown released what's basically a magic eraser for your nails this year that will change the state of your at-home manis.

If the smudge is light enough that you can’t see the nail through the polish,​ ​apply a full coat of Smudge Fix, let dry for 30 seconds and finish with a layer of topcoat. If you're dealing with a dent or chip and it's deep enough to see the nail, lightly fill in the hole​ ​with polish and let it dry for 30 seconds. Then, go over the entire nail with Smudge Fix,​ ​wait 45 seconds, and apply a layer of topcoat.​ Nobody will even suspect your nails aren't from the salon.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nails Inc.
Spray Paint Nail Polish
Yes, you read that right. In 2015, Nails Inc. brought spray paint nail polish to our attention and into our lives — and we couldn't be more excited about it. If this product is any predicator of what's in store for nails in 2016, the future can't get here fast enough.
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