20 Tweets That Will Make You Love Contraception

If you're between 15 and 44 and have ever had sex, chances are, you've used birth control. 99% of women in this group have. (Of course, plenty of women who aren't sexually active use it, too.) Tuesday marked Bedsider's #ThxBirthControl Day — it's like Thanksgiving for contraception! — and this year, Refinery29 partnered with the birth control support network to host an epic #ThxBirthControl Twitter chat.

From Nylon and Teen Vogue to Planned Parenthood and Cecile Richards, participants thanked birth control for everything from lighter periods to better careers, discussed their favorite methods, busted sex myths, and shared the best birth control advice they've ever received.

The IUD, which is surging in popularity, took center stage in many tweets. Women's Health observed that "40% of family planning providers go for an IUD!," while Latina wrote, "Latinas have a traumatic history with the pill, making non-hormonal options like IUDs great options."

Other tweeters focused on erasing the stigma (still) attached to women who take control of their reproductive health. "Talk about it with all your friends and shut down anyone who judges you for being open about your body," advised Teen Vogue.

Read on for 20 of our favorite tweets from the chat that will have you feeling extra good about BC.
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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee frames the importance of birth control.
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Naomi Shapiro knows what's up.
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The blog Zusterschap, which is dedicated to creating a safe space for women who want to challenge social norms, is all about breaking down taboos.
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Alev Sezer-Jacobs speaks out in support of authentic discussion.
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Birth control access varies widely across the African continent, but overall, only 60% of the demand for family planning in Africa is met. Amref Health Africa works to build knowledge of family planning options in the communities that need it most: "We train youth in remote areas about their sexual and reproductive health rights, so they can, in turn, teach their peers and educate more young people in schools and communities," says Sharon Rainey, Amref's deputy director of communications and advocacy.
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Amen to Sasha Christine's reason for loving birth control (we've been there!).
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It's not certain what causes Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a common hormonal disorder that can seriously mess with a woman's periods, ovaries, skin, hair, weight, and even fertility. We do know that birth control pills can help by regulating periods, reducing male hormone levels, and clearing up acne, as Ducks understands on a personal level.
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A sentiment from our own Hayley MacMillen that we can get behind (and beneath, over, and beside...).
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No one birth control option is right for everyone, as Teen Vogue points out — good thing there are so many methods from which to choose!
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Here at Refinery29, we believe that your sex life is about you and your priorities — not anyone else's.
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Actress and writer Mara Wilson knows the power of a professional you trust.
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Nylon gets it: Bodily integrity means we can take care of business and get right back to running the world.
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Birth control is not just a women's issue — it's an everyone issue. The New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene knows it takes two to tango.
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Every woman on this planet must have the ability to decide whether and when she has children — no exceptions, #liberatethepill stresses.
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Trust: The search for your ideal birth control can be a long and winding road, but with the guidance of a healthcare professional, you'll find your match. Planned Parenthood encourages you not to give up.
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Don't forget that some men and people who don't identify as either men or women still have female reproductive systems, says Naral Pro-Choice North Carolina. Their voices must be heard and their needs for birth control met.
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Birth control is all about personal choice, says Bedsider — and that's a wonderful thing.
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The Center for Reproductive Rights uses law to support reproductive freedom as a fundamental right around the world, because no matter where you're from, birth control is a vital tool for achieving the life you want to live.
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Some 225 million women in developing countries have unmet need for family planning, despite the fact that women with access to birth control are healthier and wealthier than women without it — meaning that their families and communities are, too. Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards knows that BC access is a priority for women everywhere.
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From the day-to-day to the Big Life stuff, birth control makes it all better, as our own Anna Maltby attests. Thanks, birth control!

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