20 Tweets That Will Make You Love Contraception

If you're between 15 and 44 and have ever had sex, chances are, you've used birth control. 99% of women in this group have. (Of course, plenty of women who aren't sexually active use it, too.) Tuesday marked Bedsider's #ThxBirthControl Day — it's like Thanksgiving for contraception! — and this year, Refinery29 partnered with the birth control support network to host an epic #ThxBirthControl Twitter chat.
From Nylon and Teen Vogue to Planned Parenthood and Cecile Richards, participants thanked birth control for everything from lighter periods to better careers, discussed their favorite methods, busted sex myths, and shared the best birth control advice they've ever received.
The IUD, which is surging in popularity, took center stage in many tweets. Women's Health observed that "40% of family planning providers go for an IUD!," while Latina wrote, "Latinas have a traumatic history with the pill, making non-hormonal options like IUDs great options."
Other tweeters focused on erasing the stigma (still) attached to women who take control of their reproductive health. "Talk about it with all your friends and shut down anyone who judges you for being open about your body," advised Teen Vogue.
Read on for 20 of our favorite tweets from the chat that will have you feeling extra good about BC.

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