Someone Made A "Man Buns of Disneyland" Insta Account — & It Is Magical

It happened like all good love stories do: "I was in line for the Jungle Cruise and I saw a fantastic man bun," Christy H., 22, told us (she is withholding her last name because of the sudden, unexpected media attention this chance sighting caused). "Since then, I've been spotting man buns all over the park." What's one to do with all these epic pictures? Start an Instagram account, of course. And in this case, it was easy: Christy lives only a short drive away, in Pasadena, and is a proud Annual Passholder. Just like that, Man Buns of Disneyland was born.

The account is just what you'd expect: Similar to DILFS of Disneyland, except children are scarce and man buns are plentiful. Luckily for Christy, there are many 'grammers out there that love a bun as much as she does. (At last count, almost 8,000.) "I've been so overwhelmed by the attention it has gotten," she told us. "I wasn't anticipating it to be so popular when I first started it, but it's definitely a pleasant surprise."

But Christy H. doesn't just post any ol' topknot: "You have to keep your hair clean, nobody likes the greasy look," she says. "Another thing that's great is the I-don't-care-but-I-still-look-hot bun. The best man buns I've seen are always the ones that aren't trying too hard."

We have no clue how long the account will last — she's a college student and fall semester starts soon, after all — but we hope at least long enough for her to catch her man bun unicorn, if he ever goes to Disneyland. "Lately, I've been seeing Kit Harington with a man bun and all I can say is yes! I'm all about his bun."

Below, a few standouts from the account to take in before surfing over to see them all for yourself.

#manbun "spotted" in #dca! #murica #disneyland #manbuns #mun #manbunsofdisneyland

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#manbun spotted on the monorail! #mun #disneyland #manbunsofdisneyland

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