It Turns Out We're "Tacky" (Thanks A Lot, Weird Al)

While we were catching up with a few words of wisdom from Weird Al Yankovic today (as one does), we came to a brutal realization. We — yes, we the fashion editors of R29 — are tacky. Bummer, right? Keep in mind, however, that we're basing our conclusion solely on the lyrics and costumes of the comedian's latest musical masterpiece.
Borrowing the melody of Pharrell's "Happy," "Tacky" is just as "why am I humming this six hours later" catchy. But, instead of celebrating good vibes and big Vivienne Westwood hats, Al's version is kind of a sartorial burn book. In fact, it takes issue with many of the weird/wonderful, ugly/pretty style tricks we've condoned lately. What gives, Al?

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