Chobani Bear Attack Fake, Chobani Olympic Crisis Real

chobani-yogurtPhoto: Courtesy of Chobani.
As the Winter Olympic Games near its full roar, we find ourselves increasingly thankful to be 5,000 miles away from Sochi. Not to sound like a bunch of haters, but the hotel rooms leave much to be desired, the terror plots are frighteningly real, and, well, this.
Adding to the list of issues, Russians have denied entry to Chobani yogurt, of all things. That's right, thousands of those little pods you scoop up for a quick lunch are just sitting — sitting — in a Newark, New Jersey warehouse.
Even though Chobani is a major sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Team this year (and a beloved snack for hungry bears), Russian authorities and said company have been caught in a bureaucratic morass that has even New York Senator Chuck Schumer involved. Russian laws mean a loss of expected marketing presence for Chobani and a question mark hanging over administrators even beyond Russia. More than that, it's an interesting story of all the various wrinkles that weren't smoothed out before the Games started — wrinkles that appear deeper every time a major sponsor runs for the hills or an Olympic ring doesn't light up.
Finally, and most importantly, it's a huge waste of yogurt that lies only a few miles away from our offices. Like, we eat yogurt. You have our address. (Washington Post)

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