David Beckham Wants Your Vote For His H&M Commercial — Happy Super Bowl!

David Beckham has a very difficult question for you. He wants to know if you'd prefer his H&M underwear Super Bowl commercial to be #Covered or #Uncovered. Really — take a minute and think it over.
Okay, now that you've weighed your list of pros and other pros, we hope you've made the right choice. While we first peeked the pictures from the "I've lost my keys, so I guess I'll break through the roof" commercial just a few weeks ago, the next step for the H&M underwear commercial was to let fans weigh in on the "action-packed" segments. The Swedish retailer is asking the public if they'd prefer to see the soccer player (or, yes, football player) race to safety and arrive at his photo shoot with or without his boxer briefs. Yep, just another day for Mr. Victoria Beckham — or, at least, that's what we'd like to think.
Thankfully, you have a few more days to choose your final answer, as the voting begins January 27 on the H&M site and in stores. Watch on for a preview, and, well, rock the vote.

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