Kevin McHale Talks Glee & Grief

Whether he's persuading Brittany S. Pierce to be his girlfriend or busting some seriously amazing moves in a fantasy flash-mob sequence, it's safe to say Artie Abrams has had our hearts since 2009. And, it's equally safe to say that Kevin McHale's 100% the reason for it.
As one of the original 14 cast members of Glee, McHale's seen the show through all of its highs and, as of late, the recent tragic death of his dear friend and castmate, Cory Monteith. At 25, the Texas native is already somewhat of a Hollywood veteran, noting that he's just wrapped his 97th episode of the show. Ahead, come with us as we leave Artie behind at McKinley High, and visit Kevin McHale at his brand-new home in L.A.

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