Must Read: Natalie Joos' Hilarious Hamptons Online-Dating Story

We're about to reveal one of the funnier online dating stories we've heard in a while. But first, let us just say we were lucky enough to experience parts of this hilarious story alongside its author, Tales of Endearment blogger Natalie Joos. And, for us, the best parts about the narrative aren't necessarily the plot twists — they're more about Joos' positive attitude and humor with which she approaches the sometimes taboo world of online dating (and pretty much everything else).
That said, here it is: Natalie met "Mark" on an online dating site. They seemed well matched. They meant to go on a date. The date passed and neither of them fully committed. Natalie saw that Mark's profile listed "The Hamptons" as one of his favorite spots in the world. She had plans to go to the #R29BeachHouse for the weekend. She suggested that they go on a date out East, considering, of course, Mark's affinity for it. And that's when it happened: Mark completely flew off the handle. He suggested that Natalie was "using him" for his house, that all girls on online dating sites are only after money. Worst of all, when Natalie assured him that she had her own accommodations, Mark suggested that she was lying and insisted that she stop speaking to him.
Now, not only is this implication (that a woman would ask about a Hamptons' house simply to secure her own use of said house and the money that might come along with it) completely offensive, but, in this case especially, it's also just flat out wrong. Never one to get bogged down, though, Natalie remained positive, always focused on the plans ahead. Things escalated. Mark got aggressive and even more condescending. Finally, Natalie took her last stand: She did as any editor does and conducted a photo shoot expressing her love for Mark with her girlfriends in the backyard of the #R29BeachHouse. You can see her waving from the top of the balcony. She sent it off as proof of her residence there. Mark's stability was definitely questionable, but at least Natalie's point was proven.
Read the full story and exact exchange on Tales Of Endearment.
Photos: Via Tales Of Endearment

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