First Meeting With Wintour As Artistic Director Does Not Go Well

UPDATE: According to WWD, Anna Wintour hosted her first internal meeting as artistic director of Conde Nast. She was expected to give an overview of her new, huge position and the imminent structural changes that would impact the editors present. Except…none of that happened.
An insider said that Wintour gave a brief remark that she'd "Help [editors] with their jobs, even if they had not particularly raised their hands for the assist." Attendees were reportedly baffled by how anticlimactic the meeting was, but believed that Wintour's role will be way more than just as a figurehead, and she'll have some power under ceo Charlos H. Townsend to affect struggling publications as she sees fit. Described an attendee, "She'll do what she always does, which is what she wants to do." (WWD)
We knew big change was coming for Anna Wintour's career. And while we didn't quite predict this one, it seems to be much more expected than her potential foray into foreign politics. As reported by NY Mag today, Wintour will be adding artistic director of Condé Nast to her impressive résumé (although we're pretty sure Anna Wintour doesn't need a résumé), right next to her titles of editor-in-chief of Vogue and editorial director of Teen Vogue.
This new position was created especially for Wintour, and her responsibilities include consulting on a number of different publications under the Condé Nast umbrella. After all, as the authority on style — in Vogue and the fashion world at large — this position will allow Wintour to weigh in and dispense her valuable opinions and insights company-wide.
However, with so much on the editrix's overflowing plate, it's pretty surprising to add yet another job title at this time. According to NY Mag, Condé Nast CEO Charles Townsend claims the company was willing to "go to great distances to avoid losing Anna, particularly in the prime of her career." Kind of makes us wonder if there were any other offers on the table that could have finally persuaded Wintour to leave her coveted role. Thankfully, it seems like that's not a risk at the moment. Today artistic director, tomorrow world domination who knows? Congrats, Anna! (NY Mag)
Photo: Via NY Mag

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