We're Guessing Your Summer Gig Wasn't As Cool As Lourdes'

Whether you were busy bussing tables or babysitting, everyone remembers their first summer job. And, even famous offspring need to make a buck — including 16-year-old Lourdes Leon, who we just learned took a gig that involved folding underwear night after night.
No, Madonna's daughter wasn't hired as a stock girl at Victoria's Secret, the Material Girl designer was actually employed by the wardrobe department for the MDNA tour. Yep, Lola spent her time away from calc homework and AP exams doing something even nerdier than summer school: She hung out with her mom.
Ok, we're obviously teasing — working for Madge is pretty much the ultimate dream job (well, depending on whom you're asking). But, the celeb spawn took to her blog to let her fans know that traveling on a tight schedule and dressing sweaty dancers wasn't a walk in the park. Leon even went as far as to say the work, "provoked mucho anxiety," but she loved every minute of it.
We say: Kudos, kid! Not only is Leon a semi-normal teenager, she's also got a good head on her shoulders. We're pretty sure no one's summer employment stories can top backstage passes and listening to "Borderline" over and over again, but we'd like to see you try — tell us your best or worst memories below! (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Daily Mail

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