Florals For Winter? Now, That's A Little Groundbreaking...

Forgive me, but my eyes are tired. Between putting in extra hours of work, hissing radiators that suck the life (and moisture) out of rooms, and the prevalence of gray-salted sidewalks, gray skies, gray coats, and gray attitudes, my retinas long for some eye candy. To borrow a phrase from a fashion-movie institution — "It's a famine of beauty. My eyes are starving for beau-tay."
Not to sound dramatic, but things like spotting a fun outfit on my commute really do help. And the looks that have caught my eye recently are like little notes from spring — a patterned floral coat, a spray of blooms from the collar of a shirt, or a cozy sweatshirt that's embroidered in buds. It's enough to inspire me to exhume a few warm-weather items I'd already packed away for winter — to wear over Heattech turtlenecks.
Click through in case your eyes are hungry, too.

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