How To Handle Your Wine-Stained-Mouth Situation

A wine-stained pout, not unlike messy hair, is the kind of thing that looks great when it's intentional. When it's an accident, though? Well, let's just say our actual Cabernet-covered lips don't look exactly like the faded, chic runway lipstick we'd like to replicate. That's kind of a pipe dream.
We love ourselves a good bottle of red, though, so the solution here is not to switch to drinking something less colorful. Instead, we asked makeup artist Anthony Tulve to show us what to do with our lips once they turn more purple than someone's outfit at a Prince concert. He offered two fixes: how to get rid of the wine stain, and how to use it to our advantage.
So, if you find yourself out (or in, as the case may be) with lips that aren't keeping secrets about what you've been drinking, read on.

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