Beyond The Scanner: Modern Wedding-Gift Ideas To Replace The Registry

We don't mean to give side-eye to any of our friends who use a registry scanner at a mass retail store, but just happens. After all, that whole ritual is so expected — and let's be real, often the picks are things the happy couple zapped on a whim after spending too much time walking the store aisles. 

So, when it comes down to selecting a gift for your friends, ditch the registry — and the rules. This year, the unexpected, the dual-purpose, and the slightly outlandish are all welcome, and they'll actually be a bright spot when your chums are unwrapping those bathroom towels from their aunts. Ahead, 10 thoughtful gifts at all price ranges bound to please the newly wedded.
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The Statement Candle
When buying for minimalists who don't want more stuff, send a candle from the MoMA so they can burn, enjoy, and then throw out. If they're feeling extra sentimental, they can keep the container. Also, who could resist the cinnamon, caramel, apple, and vanilla notes here?
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The Matching Handmade Mugs
Coffee time will be that much sweeter when sipping out of these handcrafted designer vessels.
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The Fancy Utensils
Maybe they registered for some run-of-the-mill department-store kitchen things. But, they'll quickly return them after you gift these Danish beechwood spoons.
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The Quilt Turned Picnic Blanket
The quilt is not dead, and this modern take certainly proves it. It isn't one you should just stash in a cedar chest — it was meant for all those Sunday picnics they'll be having.
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The Wonky Cocktail Glass
Will they ask for martini glasses? Probably not, but they secretly want them. These mouth-blown vessels made in Denmark have a 14-degree angled rim.
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The Game-Meets-Art
Dual-purpose gifts are always welcome, especially when they can be an actual activity like these Fort Standard balancing blocks. They'll look great atop a bookcase as well.
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The Matching Soap Sets
For the couple that shares hygiene products, there won't be any squabbles if you gift these two black cubes.
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The Unexpected Fine China
This fresh take on the traditional teapot will impress as it's unwrapped. Oh, and be sure to include a starter set of actual tea.
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The Bonding Book
Asking guests to bring their favorite book to a wedding is always a great move. If a couple is merging two collections of belongings, this much-discussed manual will be a big helping hand.
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The Toothpaste Saver
For the duo who has everything, gift this new buckle by Alessi. We predict it will prevent many a bathroom fight.

Alessi Toothpaste Holder, $20, available end of March at Alessi.

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