30 Cringeworthy Wardrobe Malfunction Stories From Reddit

This article was originally published on December 27, 2016.

They're the embarrassing stories anyone who's ever worn a too-loose pair of pants or a skirt of questionable quality has experienced. Fashion malfunctions can happen to anyone, and always seem to occur at the worst possible time. There's the infamous Christmas-party flashing; the multiple skirts tossed aside thanks to a too-strong breeze...and the unintentional underwear reveals that came along with it; and the shirts of various styles that flew open when the wearer really would have preferred them to stay closed.

No place catalogues these mishaps quite like Reddit, which has become a hub for shared stories of broken buttons, unfortunate bra sightings, and even a valuable lesson (or two) about tube tops and amusement-park rides. Since we've all been there, we've rounded up some of the most cringeworthy (but also LOL-worthy) wardrobe issues Reddit users have shared. Who knows: They just might make you feel a little better about your own embarrassing rip, slip, or accidental reveal moment.
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Getting Cheeky
"I was wearing a light summer dress at a music festival, and the wind decided that the entire world needed to see my underwear. Unfortunately, I chose that day to wear neon lime green cheekies that could probably be seen for blocks. It only took me five seconds to get the skirt under control, but it felt like my neon-colored ass spent five minutes attracting everyone's attention." — treazure24
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Could Have Been Worse
"The summer after 8th grade, my friend took me along when her family went camping. I hadn't caught on to the whole boxer-shorts-with-PJs thing, and so wore a gigantic Body Shop T-shirt as PJs. We had just changed and were coming out of the public bathrooms when we ran into a boy we kind of knew. We chatted for a long time and his friend came up, and they were being friendly, but they seemed to be sharing some kind of joke. My friend and I left shortly after, at which point she took me aside and told me I had my night shirt tucked into the back of my hot-pink granny panties. Thankfully, those boys didn't end up going to our high school." — lightbulb_feet
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The Wall
"I was wearing a corset-style top which zipped up instead of laced at the back. I was at a work night out and was standing talking to my senior leadership team when I took a deep breath, felt a pop and a slight breeze. My zipper had given up, and my top was falling forward and off in slow motion. My senior leadership team formed a wall of shame around me and shuffled me to the ladies’, where I ended up borrowing someone's vest to wear to get home." — TheLibraryLady
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In The Festival Spirit
"I was at a small outdoor music festival where people usually brought their own chairs or blankets to sit on and watch music. I decided to stand up and go to the bathroom with my friend. I had on one of those tube top maxi dresses, and I had managed to step on the bottom of my dress, so when I stood up (in a crowd of people who were all sitting) the top of my dress came down to my belly button. I basically flashed the entire festival." — coatcheckmillionaire
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Unintentional Party Trick
"I was wearing a really old pair of jeans to Christmas dinner a few years ago, where my parents had invited a lot of friends to dinner since we were living in Europe at the time. When I went to sit down, my jeans ripped from my butt all the way down past my knee. I had to ask everybody to close their eyes so that I could go to my room and change. So embarrassing." — pivspie
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Maybe No One Noticed
"I was wearing unattached cutlets for an extra boost. They fell out onto the tile floor with a movie-worthy slap." — zoidberg3000
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A Problem Solver
"It's prom night my junior year, and I have on a slinky glitter bomb of a dress. I looked damn good, and I knew it. Cut to the dance floor with black lights. I'm dancing with my girlfriends when my date informs me that the black lights make my white thong glow through my dress. I had to ditch my panties in the bathroom." — Gwenji
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A Malfunction Is A Process
"It was the first fancy dinner I ever went to with my friends. $150/head. I was about 17, and it was for a friend's birthday. It was a big event, and we all had our outfits planned weeks in advance (the birthday girl was one of those quintessential overbearing, "message me your outfit so I know we won't clash" girls you only put up with in high school, but would flatten in adult life). I have a fairly slim frame, but a disproportionately large caboose. I've learned to love it. Point of mentioning that is, I'd bought my first tight-fitting dress to wear to the dinner. It was very tight around my bum. You're thinking: "Oh, so she split it," right? No. I wore tights, and as I sat eating, my skirt rode up at the back all the goddamn way to my waist. Got up and trotted out of the very fancy restaurant at the tail of my group...so no one realized until we were close to a block away." — Reddit User
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An Honest Mistake
"I was rushing to work one day, and the bus was probably five or so minutes away, so I'm getting all my clothes on so quickly. I get to work, can't figure out why my shirt feels so low in the back and why my bra is so exposed. I was adjusting all day. Turns out I wore a V-neck shirt backward for an entire eight-hour shift. No one told me, or they didn't realize it was on backward, or they thought I did it on purpose. My mom picked me up that night, and she said something. I don't know how I didn't realize it. The front just sorta fit like a boat-neck top, but I don't own a single boat-neck top." — sheerio
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Foiled By The Gum Rack
"I was 20 years old, with my friend. We were picking up some drinks for a party. My skirt somehow got caught on a gum rack near the cashier. Let's just say I mooned a lot of people that day..." — AzzieKay
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Time To Improvise
"I teach 18-year-olds introductory college English. Once, I had divided the class up into groups to work on something, and I was going around to each group seeing how they were doing, talking about their ideas, etc. One boy wanted to show me something he had written, and I bent down over his desk to look at it. As I did, my front clasp snapped and my bra just popped open. I tried to play it off and spent the rest of the class with my arms crossed over my chest to hold the bra in place." — fishielicious
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Way Worse Than Pet Hair
"I was wearing a fairly low-cut V-neck. Had to drop my kitten off at the vet to get spayed on my way to work. She FREAKED OUT and bunny-kicked my chest. I was already running late, so I had to go to work with giant, bloody gashes across my chest. Got quite a few weird looks. No one believed me when I told them how it happened." — WildeCat96
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Dancing Dangers
"I was 16 and at my school ball (prom, for Americans). I had a strapless dress but wore no bra, as I didn't have one. I was dancing with my friends when 'Y.M.C.A.' came on. It was all going well up until the chorus. I did the 'Y' and my strapless dress fell down." — cynical_genius
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It Could Happen To Anyone
"I was walking down a hall at work and got a funny look off one of the managers. Looked down — yesterday's underpants were hanging out of the leg of my jeans. In my defense, I'd had an 8-hour turnaround between shifts." — Reddit User
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Skipped A Step
"In college, I checked my outfit in the mirror but not while bowing. So I went and played my convocation piece in front of the entire music department (students and staff). When I took a bow, I flashed them all. Then the stage manager made me take a second bow because of the applause (he hadn't seen it, otherwise he wouldn't have had me go back out there). That was absolutely the most awkward conversation with my flute professor, ever." — grandteton
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Time To Channel MacGyver
"I once had a pair of jeans rip completely down the middle at school, to the point that basically my entire right thigh and underwear and half of my leg were exposed, and I had to walk with my bag and jacket hanging in front of me for several hours because I couldn't get home to change until then." — LemonFake
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"I went to a wedding as the date of my best friend. I didn't know the couple, so I also didn't know any other guests at the wedding. I was wearing a LBD, which was getting a little snug, but I figured it would be safe for the night. We ended up having an eight-course meal and, of course, I stuffed my face. After dessert, I went to get up and my dress completely ripped down the side where the zipper was. It was mortifying, and we couldn't find a pin or sewing kit. Random girls in the bathroom even went out and got me a table cloth and tried to make me a makeshift dress. Obviously, that didn't work and I ended up having to wear my winter coat for the rest of the night." — wavesofrye
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Dress For The Job You Want
"I was 19 or 20 and going to a job interview. I had this really pretty white skirt that I wanted to wear, but the only underwear I had that didn't show through were those scary, tan, stomach-sucking-in ones. Now, that kind of underwear covers up your entire ass all the way up to your bra, so I had gotten used to feeling covered and wasn't periodically checking my skirt/shirt to make sure everything was indeed actually where it should be. As I'm being led through this huge cube-city (low walls, mind you), the receptionist points out to me (loudly, in front of everyone) that my skirt had slipped way low. So low, I'm surprised it didn't fall to the floor. So I exposed my granny-underweared ass to all these people RIGHT before the interview. I think I could have died right there. But I did end up getting the job, so there's that." — ashmelee
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Worth 1,000 Words
"I got very, very drunk with a couple of my coworkers a few years ago at a concert. Like, all of us were blackout drunk. We took a ton of pictures with my camera, and I uploaded them to Facebook the next morning without looking at them first, still in a drunken haze. That night I'd worn my favorite dress; it's this pretty watercolor-print minidress with a zipper down the front. At some point in the night, the zipper came unzipped a little too low. I don't wear a bra with that dress, and I had unknowingly posted multiple pictures of my exposed breasts on Facebook." — thumper5
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The Whole Time
"I went through a whole day at work with nobody telling me you could see the outline of my panties under my skirt under fluorescent lights. I caught a glimpse of myself that evening and died a little." — murderousbudgie
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But It's So Comfy
"I was rushing from a work environment to a place where I had to be dressed super-casually. I realized I'd forgotten casual trousers, so I quickly popped into a department store and bought some jogging bottoms. I'd bought this particular brand before, so I knew what I was getting. I just grabbed them off the shelf. I ripped the tags off and changed into them in the toilets. I realized about an hour later that I hadn't taken all the tags off. I'd walked through the entire city center with a sticker on my behind, which read, 'Now with a soft fluffy lining.'" — Waitingforadragon
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You Can Get Used To Anything
"I wear tights a lot, and I have frequently been walking somewhere only for someone to tell me that my skirt is tucked into my tights at the back. I don't know how I keep doing it, but it barely fazes me anymore." — aceafer
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The One Day...
"I was on this literary magazine with this upperclassman I had a crush on. I was a freshman in college and totally starstruck by him. We had a couple clubs together, and I thought he was so amazingly cool. He announced that we (the club) needed to start putting up flyers for some event coming up and asked who could put them up in each dorm building. I raised my hand to volunteer and went over after everyone was leaving to pick up the flyers. I noticed he was staring down at me oddly as he passed them to me. I thought I left an impression. As it turns out, my flannel shirt had come unbuttoned. A lot. The last button still buttoned was the one before my belly button. This is the one day I decided not to wear a [tank top] underneath. I was so mortified after that. I still wince thinking about it a bit." — Reddit User
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A Unique Souvenir
"I was at a theme park, and I rode on the second tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. Being that it was summer and there were water rides, I was wearing a bikini with a tube top over it. The ride goes from zero to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds. As soon as it took off, my top went down and bikini flew open, boobs flapping in the wind. The worst part was that I knew that f*cking camera was coming, and everyone down in the photo booth would see my t*ts if I didn't get proper in time, but the speed was so intense that the G-force and the wind made it damn near impossible to move at all. In the end, I managed to cover up in time, but it made for a rather funny picture." — MissPoopsHerPants
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The Kindness Of Strangers
"I was probably 19 or 20 and on [a] date at a fancy restaurant with my boyfriend (at the time). It was our first Valentine's Day. I bought a pretty new dress for the occasion, and it was one of my first times in a high-end restaurant. Well, turns out I left the tag on (it was a BIG tag, too), which hung out of the top back of the dress. The waitress came over and snipped it off with scissors." — mookitabonita
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One Way To Start Your Morning
"On Monday, I was in the Starbucks drive-thru (the one I always go to), and my card dropped in the handover. I got it handed over, thinking, 'no big deal.' Wrong. I was wearing a strapless dress, and the top had come down when I had bent to grab the card. I drove ALL THE WAY HOME with my bra completely exposed before I looked down and saw it. [I] accidentally flashed the male barista at my usual Starbucks. And everyone who saw me drive past." — grandteton
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Better Safe Than Sorry
"In college, I once wore a strapless dress and strapless bra to a Christmas party put on by the family of one of my high school guy friends. When I walked in the door, I was greeted by my friend, his father, and their little Jack Russell terrier. The dog, who still remembered me from when I used to hang out there, jumped up immediately and wanted to play. I picked her up and nuzzled her face, etc. while she kicked her legs in joy. It turns out she had kicked both my bra and dress down below my boobs, so the whole time I was just TOPLESS and playing with a dog in full view of my friend and his dad. To this day, I always wear dresses with straps." — CoralineHempstock
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How To Make An Entrance
"At my parents' swanky Christmas cocktail party, I was 8 and super-excited about this fancy dress I was wearing that tied at the shoulders. I ran into the room yelling, "Ta-da" and whipped open my coat to reveal said dress...which had come untied and was puddled around my feet. Just naked in front of 50 of my dad's coworkers. I died a little that night." — Emac72
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The Perils Of The Sea
"I was at the beach once when I was maybe 14 or so, when a huge wave caught me off guard and pulled me under. When I finally got my footing, I was standing there with my eyes closed, coughing up sea water, and I hear my friends yelling, 'Your top!! Your boobs!!' Apparently the wave had knocked my bikini askew, and my boobs were out and I didn't notice." — jonesie1988
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Ungraceful Exit
"One time, in my dorm dining hall, I stood up and tried to pull my jeans up but accidentally pulled up my underwear instead, effectively giving myself a wedgie and showing everyone at the table behind me my undies. I turned around and was sure at least a few people saw. I bolted from the dining room in embarrassment, but then realized I had forgotten my backpack in my rush to exit. Then I had to go back in, get my backpack from the table, and leave again." — Reddit User

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