30 Cringeworthy Wardrobe Malfunction Stories From Reddit

This article was originally published on December 27, 2016.

They're the embarrassing stories anyone who's ever worn a too-loose pair of pants or a skirt of questionable quality has experienced. Fashion malfunctions can happen to anyone, and always seem to occur at the worst possible time. There's the infamous Christmas-party flashing; the multiple skirts tossed aside thanks to a too-strong breeze...and the unintentional underwear reveals that came along with it; and the shirts of various styles that flew open when the wearer really would have preferred them to stay closed.
No place catalogues these mishaps quite like Reddit, which has become a hub for shared stories of broken buttons, unfortunate bra sightings, and even a valuable lesson (or two) about tube tops and amusement-park rides. Since we've all been there, we've rounded up some of the most cringeworthy (but also LOL-worthy) wardrobe issues Reddit users have shared. Who knows: They just might make you feel a little better about your own embarrassing rip, slip, or accidental reveal moment.

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