The Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Every Type Of Relationship

Even if you’re not the type to buy into the Valentine’s Day hoopla, it's always nice to scoop up a little something for your S.O. And since time’s kind of ticking away here, we figured we’d help you out before February 14 hits you empty-handed. We know no two relationships are the same, which means while some partners may have their fingers crossed for jewelry, others are happy with a budget friendly framed photo of the two of you. So instead of giving you an array of flower bouquets and pendant necklaces, we've rounded up a few present ideas for the more adventurous gift givers (or those who know their other half really, really well).
Whether your idea of a date night is pizza in a double-seated rattan chair hanging in your backyard or a getaway trip to an exotic locale, we’ve got something for every type of relationship ahead. Let's just say these gifts are guaranteed to make a major impression.
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Gifting a bag doesn't always have to go the route of luxury carryalls. A trendy purse that's worthy of being featured in her next Instagram is just as good.
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Everything's better in twos, like this Scandinavian two-seat hanging rattan chair. Pop this in the backyard and schedule a few sunset watches with your boo.
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— PAID —

A nice watch is one of those gifts that'll never go out of style. This tech-savvy version ups the ante by combining classic good looks with built-in notifications, fitness tracking, and customizable faces.
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We know he really wants those sold-out Balenciaga Triple S sneakers but in these more affordable kicks homeboys gonna like, still get it.
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Are you more of the "we just get each other gifts all year" kind of couple? The least you can do is get them a card that reminds them you'll always be their person.
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Roses are red, violets are blue, flower bouquets are cliché, so how about something new? This handmade ritual duo emits calming effects and cleansing — the perfect gift for an anxious or stressed partner.
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Guys deserve lingerie, too — may as well get him some underwear that’s nice.
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The ultimate gift of hydration. This on-the-go multitasking brewer bottle is more powerful than it looks. There's a stainless steel filter for brewing tea and coffee or simply infusing water with herbs and fruit.
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Dorothy only wishes she had ruby shoes this good.
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Nothing says "I love you" like a chic hoodie in their size — so they can finally stop stealing yours.
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Maybe your gripe is that he doesn't yet own a wallet and just stuffs all of his cash into his pocket. Or maybe he already has a wallet (albeit 10 years old) and just needs an upgrade. Either way, this J.Crew option is called the "magic wallet," and with a description like that, it's worth introducing him to.
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Capture all your adventurous moments with this itsy-bitsy camera, which attaches to just about any surface.

Polaroid Cube Action Camera, $149.99, available at Polaroid.
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Listen, sometimes practicality is best. If last year's gift involved someone getting some sort-of appliance, these are definitely an acceptable follow up.
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Getting them a small signet ring is an easy way to gift meaningful jewelry without erring on the side of cheesy.
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A pair of sturdy sneaker boots to let your S.O. know that this winter, the only thing she should be falling for is you.
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Give the gift of self-care. This robe is a boxing robe, comfy hoodie, and ultimate loungewear all in one.
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If you can't take them out for a romantic picnic (it is the dead of winter after all), a scent that is reminiscent of lush countrysides and a mid-day siesta will work just as well.