Confirmed: No One Can Afford To Live In NYC

Checkbook2_RockieNolanPhotographed by Rockie Nolan.
We hear it everywhere: at the gym, on our morning commute, even over dinner at fancy restaurants. New Yorkers are constantly griping about how expensive it is to live here. At this point, we basically use it as a conversation starter. We don't mean to whine: City life is pretty sweet. But, it could be a lot sweeter if acquiring housing didn't cost you an arm and a leg. And, a new report highlights just how detrimental the increasing rent prices are to our everyday lives.
If a recent survey by Talking Transitions is any indication, this is a sentiment echoed by many people living in the Big Apple. Following the 2013 mayoral election, nearly 53,000 New Yorkers were polled on the streets for their opinions on the city. The number one concern on everyone's minds? New Yorkers in every neighborhood and age group say that housing in the city is unaffordable. A staggering 68% of survey takers think the situation is only getting worse. Plus, more than 50% of respondents in all boroughs said their ability to find a good job in NYC is diminishing.
To be sure, this is fairly disappointing news. But, before you cry into a pillow, there's a small silver lining: 42% of New Yorkers think that transportation is improving. So, props to you, MTA! (Talking Transition)

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