Put Down That Sloppy Sweater — There's A New Shape In Town

Call it a much-needed pendulum swing away from all those shapeless (and cozy) winter knits, but we're currently relishing all things structured. To wit: anything that nods to the crisp lines of the dapper '60s, the heavily padded shoulders of the '80s power-dress, and even modern architecture. Right now, a tailored silhouette — whether it hearkens to past or futuristic sensibilities — just feels right.
Synonymous with designer powerhouses like Margiela, Céline, Helmut Lang, and Jil Sander, the strong silhouette trend has certainly passed the test of time. And, this season, there truly is something for everyone when it comes to serious structure. You can go fitted for a more classic look or oversized in Blade-Runner style. Ahead, our picks will help you navigate this trend — from tailored trousers to angular crop-tops and sharp shift dresses — to make sure you're working your best angles.