35 Gifts For Your Friend Who Always Gets Too High

Being high can be great. But being too high can be an anxiety-riddled nightmare.
Everyone with even a minor familiarity with cannabis knows that you're bound to get too high at least once. However, some of us do seem to be a little more sensitive (or eager) than others when it comes to weed. There's even some research to back that up the idea that some of us are more prone to marijuana-related panic than others. So it's totally normal if it takes some trial and error to figure out what works for you — even if that ends up being mostly error.
If you're caught in the grips of an unpleasant high, the only thing that'll really make you less high is time. Still, there are plenty of things you can do while you wait to help you stay calm. If you happen to know — or be — someone who always seems to overdo it, it might be worth it to have some of these remedies on hand. Plus, they can make funny (and useful) gifts.
Ahead, a bunch of things that can make the experience of being high even better. Trust us, your friend (or just future you) will thank you.
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Your friend will love receiving a gift that you're actually supposed to fidget with.
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Sometimes, you just need something cute to squeeze.
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When a regular blanket is not enough, opt for a soothing, anxiety-reducing weighted blanket.
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This artfully named scent contains notes of musk, smoke, leather, and the supposedly spiritually "purifying" palo santo wood. And, honestly, we could all use a little of that this time of year.
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This journal is an easy way to keep track of the ways different types of marijuana affect you — and which ones are most likely to be overwhelming.
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Wish your friend some very chill holiday cheer with these adorably punny cards.
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This beautiful keychain is a totally functional tamper — and it'll help your friend keep her keys in sight.
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Never be surprised by what's lurking in your old stash again.
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When you're freaking out, it's all about changing the environment in a soothing way. This oil diffuser can help set a relaxing tone with scents that create a spa-like aromatherapy experience.

Bonus: this one's extra-pretty.
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Can't go wrong with a relaxing lavender oil.
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Keep the vibes good with this particularly chill candle.
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This tonic is packed with a variety of calming herbs.
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A blend of lavender and citrus scents can help you relax fast.
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Also helpful: A nice, soothing shower. Add some calming scenery to get even more relaxation out of it.
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This bath soak claims to have some lovely healing properties that will make you feel like everything's okay.
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While you're in there, scrub down with this peppermint soap that is an experience all its own.
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After a shower, you'll need to get comfy. Nothing is wrong as long as you're wrapped up in this super-soft blanket.
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Ask any stoner and they'll tell you socks are key. We're not sure why, but nothing makes us feel safe and comfy quite like a good pair of socks.
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Once it gets really cold, these will be a necessity.
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You might as well read the instructional manual while you're at it.
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Adult coloring books are known to help calm us down. This one was made especially for stoners.
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If coloring's not their thing, there are a ton more pot-themed activities in here.
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Give your friend the gift of not having to make a snack run to the bodega at 1 a.m. while totally freaked out.
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Staying hydrated is especially important when you're anxious.
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Every stoner needs a pullover, preferably one that's fluffy.
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And a scarf. Honestly, we've got no time for any scarf that doesn't double as a blanket.
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As long as you've got pizza, you're gonna be okay. This beanie (another staple of the stoner wardrobe) offers that reminder.
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Like napping on a cloud.
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Like really napping on a cloud.
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Calm yourself by shutting out the world with some extreme cuteness.
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If you're really freaked out and need to talk to someone, set yourself a reminder to call them every 45 minutes — or just reassure yourself that time is, actually, rolling onwards.
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This one seems wild, but as they say, when life gives you lemons (in the form of uncomfortable high), make lemonade. Lemons contain limonene, a compound that affects the way THC works, which can make you feel less high. This gadget will make them even more fun to squeeze.
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Black pepper also contains terpenes, which can make you feel less anxious. This is one blend you'll want to use even when you're not stoned.
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Sometimes, chilling out requires music. Make your friend's listening session even more comfy.
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Cleanse your space with notes of frankincense and citrus.
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