35 Gifts For Your Friend Who Always Gets Too High

Being high can be great. But being too high can be an anxiety-riddled nightmare.
Everyone with even a minor familiarity with cannabis knows that you're bound to get too high at least once. However, some of us do seem to be a little more sensitive (or eager) than others when it comes to weed. There's even some research to back that up the idea that some of us are more prone to marijuana-related panic than others. So it's totally normal if it takes some trial and error to figure out what works for you — even if that ends up being mostly error.
If you're caught in the grips of an unpleasant high, the only thing that'll really make you less high is time. Still, there are plenty of things you can do while you wait to help you stay calm. If you happen to know — or be — someone who always seems to overdo it, it might be worth it to have some of these remedies on hand. Plus, they can make funny (and useful) gifts.
Ahead, a bunch of things that can make the experience of being high even better. Trust us, your friend (or just future you) will thank you.
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