Hear Us Out: Bath Recipes Could Change Your Life

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Taking a long, luxurious bath is one of the best ways to unwind after a difficult day or week. But, if you're seeking more than a physical release, it's actually pretty easy to reap spiritual benefits from your soak, too. You just need the right bath recipe.
Spiritual baths are a form of cleansing, not unlike the ritual baths of ancient Rome. They're meant to be a sort reset button for your energy, and they can even help you set meditative intentions. It all depends on what you add to the bathwater.
Adding crystals, essential oils, and herbs to water is an act of blessing, says Deborah Hanekamp, seeress and medicine woman. All of these items are believed to be spiritually restorative, and they're thought to imbue the bath with their healing powers. That's what makes spiritual baths so unique: Unlike holding a crystal against your body or smudging a room, your entire body is submerged in the energy these items possess.
"When we submerge ourselves in that [blessed] water, it, in turn, blesses us," Hanekamp says, adding that you should dunk your head under the water, if possible. "We hold so much energy in our heads and this helps to get us to a quiet mind."
Hanekamp recommends spending at least 20 minutes in the bath, but if you only have a few moments to spare (or if you don't have a tub), you can prepare a simple foot bath. And if your crystal collection isn't very extensive (or if it's completely nonexistent), don't worry. Hanekamp says you can still have a spiritual experience in a regular bath, as long as you spend your soak reflecting on ways to serve and care for yourself. If you hop out of the tub feeling recharged and with a renewed sense of purpose, consider your mission accomplished.
Ahead, we've rounded up nine different spiritual baths, each with different properties to fit your needs, courtesy of Hanekamp's gorgeous Instagram account.
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One Love Ritual Bath

Black moonstone, amethyst, quartz crystals
Epsom or Dead Sea salt
White rose petals
Lavender and vetiver essential oils

Burn smoke of white sage around your auric field
Step into bath and dunk head underwater
Place one hand on your heart and another on your solar plexus, [and] repeat this mantra three times: "There is strength in softness."
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Ritual Bath For Brightening Up

Amethyst, carnelian, Lemurian, and clear quartz crystals
Jasmine Green tea
White sage and lavender essential oils
Sea salt

Light a candle
From the flame, bless yourself with the smoke of a cinnamon stick
Step into bath, dunk head under water
Take three rounds of bhastrika (a.k.a. rapid fire breath) by forcefully inhaling and exhaling through the nose 36 times
Place clear quartz crystal and healing hands on solar plexus, imagining a bright sun coming from within, this is your source
Soak in the shiny energy you've created
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Ritual Bath For Reflection

Blue topaz, kyanite, and sulfur crystals
Vetiver and sage essential oils
Pink rose petals
Sea salt

Smudge your self with smoke of white sage
Step into bath & dunk head under water
Hold labradorite to your forehead, cleansing your third eye
Stare at the water, trying not to blink your eyes for five minutes, letting tears come
Close your eyes and take deep ujjayi breaths in reflection, with great respect and love
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Green Mama Love Ritual Bath

Epsom salt
Rosemary and rose essential oils
Citrine, carnelian, jade, rose quartz, and turquoise crystals
Coconut milk
Apple cider vinegar
Organic eucalyptus and sage

Burn the smoke of sacred copal around you
Step into bath and dunk head under water
Chant a green Tara mantra or, "We all come from the goddess and to her we shall return like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean."
Inhale love and support for yourself, exhale love and support for all sentient beings
Sit and soak in the energy you created
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Light Shield Ritual Bath

Calendula flowers and Rosemary sprigs
Fluorite, citrine, amethyst, and clear quartz crystals
Pink Himalayan sea salt
Apple cider vinegar
Coconut milk
A few drops cedar wood essential oil

Before hopping in the bath, use a dry body brush all over skin
Cleanse your energy with the smoke of Palo Santo
Step into bath and dunk your head under
Starting from your feet, do a self-massage, tapping light fists all over your body
Breathe in the color gold, as you exhale see the color gold forming an iridescent shield all around you
Soak in the grounded energy you've created
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Guidance Ritual Bath

Amethyst and smoky quartz crystals
Balsam fir needles
Red rose petals
Balsam fir essential oil
Epsom salt

Smudge yourself with cedar
Ring a bell in front of your heart center
Step into bath and dunk your head under water
Place smoky quartz on your belly
Place amethyst on your heart
Place both hands on over the crystal on your heart
Tell your heart, "I believe in you."
Tell your spirit, "I'm here for you."
Tell your body, "I'm listening."
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New Moon & Solar Eclipse Ritual Bath

Maqui berry powder
Black tourmaline, smoky quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz crystals
White and pink roses
Coconut milk
Lavender and rose essential oils
Epsom salt

Light a white candle with a prayer for someone or something that has passed on in your life
From the flame, burn palo santo smoke around your body
Cleanse aura with a selenite wand (Please don't put selenite in your bath, water hurts selenite.)
Step into bath dunk head under water
Take three cleansing ujjayi breaths and several cleansing "aum" sounds
Sit and soak in the energy you've created
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Ritual Bath For Sparking Your Inner Fire

Tub tea of nettles, blessed thistle, red rose petals, elder berries, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger. (To make tub tea combine a pinch of each ingredient in a large pot bring to an almost boil and allow to steep for at least an hour, then add to bath water.)
Rose essential oil
Carnelian, amethyst, citrine, and smoky quartz crystals
Coconut milk
2 tbsp matcha
3 cups Epsom salt

Light a candle
Body brush with a dry brush, stroking toward the heart
Smudge yourself with a cinnamon stick
Step into bath, submerge third eye and crown of head in water
Take three rounds of bhastrika by inhaling and exhaling forcefully, pumping the diaphragm (where our inner fire lives) 36 times
Place crystals on your belly and anywhere else you need energy
Stare at the candle flame, trying not to blink, let tears come as you unify with the flame
Soak in the power of your presence
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Courtesy of @mamamedicine 
Ritual Bath For Gentleness

Tangerine, Lemurian, and clear quartz crystals
Lemon balm, nettle, calendula, rosemary, and pink and white rose petals
Lavender, rose, and rosemary
Celtic sea salt
Vhibuhti (holy ash)
Blessed Water

Cleanse aura with selenite wand
Step into bath and dunk head underwater
Take 10 ujjayi breaths
Chant "Om Namah Shivaya" several times
Sit and soak in the healing energy you've created

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