11 Essential Oils & Their Secret Powers

Made from herbs, flowers, spices, and other plants, essential oils play a potent role in aromatherapy, magic, and general wellness. They can act as home remedies for digestion or discomfort, or as ingredients in a sensual homemade perfume. Whether you use them for spell work or housework, there are enough varieties out there to fit just about every need and preference.
If you're totally unfamiliar with essential oils, be warned: Not all oils are safe for internal or even topical use. Do a spot test before putting anything on your skin and dilute your oil of choice with a carrier oil, like coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or even olive oil, before using it externally.
As far as ingesting oils goes, the FDA maintains a list of essential oils classified as GRAS (generally recognized as safe), and you can add small amounts of those to teas, smoothies, and even baked goods. Regardless of how you use essential oils, be especially careful if you're pregnant — certain oils may be harmful, depending on how far along you are.
Ahead, we take a look at the healing properties — spiritual and emotional — of some of the most common essential oils. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, so let us know which oils you regularly use in the comments.

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