We Can't Take Our Eyes Off Solange's Best Blonde Hairstyles

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Pardon the cliché, but blondes really do have more fun. Take Solange, for example. Ever since she dyed her hair in the fall of 2017, the creative genius has given us a different look every time she graces the world with her presence. And each time, Solo manages to outdo herself with her artful protective styles or her own gorgeous texture. There's no keeping up with whatever's up her sleeve next... who knows, she might pop up on the 'gram with ultra violet curls next week. But in the meantime, let's reflect on some of Solange's best moments as a blonde, ahead.
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The tiniest, most intricate feed-in cornrows to hit the 'gram... plus a side of Tyler, the Creator.
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Solange debuted her new hue at Maryam Nassir Zadeh's September 2017 fashion show...
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... and in October, we found out that the star dyed her real hair. "She asked for a natural, shorter Afro look, other than the blonde braids we’ve been seeing on her," her stylsit, Chuck Amos told us. "I thought it would be fresh to make her texture look like coral from the sea! Sort of a Joie Lee texture from the late '80s."
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Solo lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes art — and she wears it, too. "She has a very clear vision of what she is looking for," hairstylist Vernon François told us of her Evening Standard Magazine cover look back in October (one that they photoshopped). "We didn’t have specific inspiration besides wanting to focus on a braid updo, graphic and clean. And I'm obsessed with braiding. Creating a braid look with a pop of color almost creates a different feeling while still staying true to African culture."
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Back at it again with the twist-outs, in November...
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... and with thicker curls later on that month. Excuse us while we break out our rollers.
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How gorgeous is her halo of hair? She rocked this look in February of this year.
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And her Spring/Summer 2018 Dazed cover has her in, well... you know. Hairstylist Jawara gave the star a series of elegant Bantu knots that we'll definitely be recreating this summer.
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When we were able to pull our eyes away from Solange's cameo during Beyoncé's Coachella set, we marveled at Solo's gorgeous wavy lob.
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Susan Oludele, aka Hair by Susy, added hundreds of ivory beads to her longtime client's plaits for an April 2018 photoshoot...
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... and gave her a fiery rendition for her January/February 2018 issue of Surface. "The feed-in braids were inspired by the Fulani tribe," Susy told us. "She wanted something coming down, and she was really inspired by red. Her hair symbolizes passion, fire, change, and love — and that's everything she represents, too." Susy and her team hand-painted a total of 560 wooden beads with red nail polish for the finished look. It took nearly 16 hours... but obviously, it was worth it.

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