We Rocked Montauk! Take A Gander At Our Ruschmeyer's Rum-Shack Bash

If you were anywhere near New York last Saturday, you probably remember it well. Blue skies, blazing sun, and hot, hot heat. Well, not to make you mad, bro, but out on the end of Montauk, it was just about perfect.
Not only was there a decent breeze kicking up off the shore, but we were enjoying the first day at the just-opened Refinery29 Beach House and hosting our own Sixth of July party at our favorite local haunt, Ruschmeyer's. Hey, we may be tardy, but we've always been patriotic.
With help from our friends at Olay Fresh Effects, a photo booth and decor provided by Sunglass Hut, and an open bar stocked with gallons of goodness from Malibu Island Spiced Rum, we made the Ruschmeyer's Rum Shack our own little playground. Our stylish pals (Dev Hynes, Natalie Joos, etc.), editors, and R29 staffers drank, danced, and made merry on the sand while DJ Kitty Cash and Friends (the band) provided the sounds. Even the BBQ and fish-roast nibbles supplied by the team from The Smile was the ideal fare for an early-summer, backyard-style bash. Honestly, you can keep your air-conditioning — we'd rather be back there right now, sweating our lil' bums off.
Oh, well, at least we took a lot of pictures and got Kitty Kash's playlist on Spotify. Precious memories!

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