In The Middle Of A Breakup? There's An Infographic For That!

So, we know Valentine's Day is tomorrow and everything, but that doesn't mean everyone is in the honeymoon phase. Major cabin fever has set in, and that means breakups are in the air — in fact, we know so many people calling it quits, we're starting to think it's the hot new trend. While some relationships end with a quick exchange of personal effects and an awkward hug goodbye, for cohabiting couples a breakup can be anything but smooth.
But, if you're finding yourself in the midst of a roommate split, you're not alone — plenty of other New Yorkers are arguing over who gets to keep the Homeland DVDs. In fact, it's happening to so many people that even created a handy little infographic to fill you in on what other former lovers are going through. Turns out, you're not the only one drowning your sorrows in carbs and ice cream. Plus, the brave folk who've survived cutting it quits are even doling out their hard-learned advice for the future. So, take another scoop of that Rocky Road, and read on, my friend. (The Hairpin)
Photo: Via The Hairpin

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