Want Your Online Profile To Be Hotter? Here's A Surefire Trick...

If anyone out there is hoping to make like Grease and find themselves some summer lovin', there is nothing quite like embracing the season and summer-izing your profile pics to attract a potential mate. There's a reason that summer is sizzling: 73 (yes, over three-fourths) percent of people think that the sex they are attracted to look better over the summer. Yup, layering and big textured garments might make for a more sartorially savvy season, but summer, according to Match.com, is for hooking up.
The reason is actually pretty simple: During the summer, most people look happier and healthier. Less pink noses, a (hopefully) healthy glow, and more outdoor shots help lend the impression that the person photographed is more confident and lively. Furthermore, not only do people think others are more attractive when the heat is up, but they also feel better about themselves, too. And nothing is sexier, of course, than confidence.
As the writer of this piece would give Casper a run for his money in the pale department, there are always inherent problems with associating "tan" with healthy. However, during the summer, most people allow themselves to unwind — sit outside, have an extra glass of wine, make an effort to go vacationing. That lighthearted approach to life carries some weight on social networking profiles, which means that the best way to nab a significant other in the steamy months is, well, get summery. Throw on some sunglasses, wear a pair of shorts, sit in a hammock, take some profile pics — and your dating life is sure to improve. (The Daily Mail)

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