Why These Model's Manes Are So Important

Photographed by Shanita Sims.
If you've been paying attention during the past decade, you'll have noticed a global movement of women truly owning their hair. Be it going natural, choosing rainbow-hued tresses, or opting for a shaved head, women far and wide are shifting away from what's "trending," choosing instead to celebrate their hair with whatever style, color, and cut that excites them. As with many beauty trends, what started on the streets is now spilling onto the runway — and it's a refreshing sight in the high-fashion world.

Backstage, key words like "uniformity" and "straighteners" have been replaced with "individuality" and "air-drying." We're seeing a welcome shift toward celebrating models' hair as something that makes them stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd — whether it's kinky-curly, straight, shaved, dyed, mulleted, or butt-grazingly long. It's all in fashion.

In honor of the non-extensioned, anti-blowdryer, real-hair era in which we're living, we've decided to highlight seven muses who are shifting the conversation away from the one-hairstyle-fits-all mantra. Read on for what they had to say about their relationships with their manes, and let their words (and beauteous pics) serve as inspiration to let your own unique flag fly.
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