We Gave 8 Guys Hair Makeovers — & They're SO Good

Hair is hair — regardless of gender — so in the spirit of doing whatever we want, we decided to try some of the freshest prom hairstyles on a group of dudes. Now, it's not the first time we've tapped men with long locks for hair tutorials, but these are the most elaborate.
Finding guys with long locks to take part has never been easier than in 2017, but that doesn't mean getting here was easy. In the video above we're breaking down rad styles, of course, but the men are also sharing their hair stories. They've all encountered resistance over the years to their flowing locks, especially, it seems, from moms everywhere. But it's not as if their endless strands aren't anchored in a long tradition of male hairstyles. From ancient Samurai warriors to the luscious curls of seventeenth-century European aristocrats, bros across the globe have been sporting long hair since well before our infatuation with the hipster man bun of today.
Check out the video above to watch us give these boundary-breaking baes breezy half-twists and elegant buns. We hope it inspires you to always stay true to your own look — even if it pisses off mom.
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