Why You Should Consider Ditching Your Moisturizer This Summer

The old saying "less is more" gets a whole new meaning come summer, when we find ourselves shedding layers, opting for more minimal makeup, and embracing wash-and-go hair routines instead of living and dying by the blow-dryer. Why shouldn't the pared-down au naturel approach carry over to our skin-care routines, too?
Exchanging rich, creamy moisturizers for lightweight serums might just be your ticket to balanced summer skin. As dermatologist Doris Day, MD, explains, skin tends to be better able to hydrate itself naturally in the summer than in the winter, so your heavy, occlusive moisturizers can be just that: too heavy. And a product that's too heavy can actually have an adverse reaction on skin, clogging pores and leaving your face feeling greasy and uncomfortable.
"Serums are an excellent option instead of a moisturizer for summer," says dermatologist Vivian Bucay, MD. "They're lightweight and won't feel heavy on the skin during hot and humid weather." (Plus, you know what layers nicely over serums? Sunscreen.)
So consider checking your heavy moisturizers into winter storage; your skin will thank you, especially if you tend to get oily or acne-prone when the weather's hot. Ahead, we asked the pros for their recommendations for the serums we should switch to this summer.
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Dr. Bucay says that this serum contains a potent combination of proven antioxidants that help neutralize harmful free radicals. Plus, it diminishes discoloration and evens the skin tone, for smoother, brighter, well-protected skin all season long.
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Dr. Day likes this serum for its lightweight feel and deeply moisturizing properties. With extracts of peony root and red seaweed, this super-concentrated formula works to make skin more radiant in the long run as it moisturizes.
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According to Dr. Bucay, this brightening serum is one of the best on the market for reducing hyper-pigmentation and improving the look of sallowness from existing sun damage.
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The blend of anti-aging ingredients in NeoStrata's serum helps volumize the skin, which Dr. Bucay says will create a smoother, more sculpted appearance.
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These little ampoules are perfect for traveling; plus, they're formulated with hydrating hyaluronic acid and a vitamin C-rich antioxidant blend that Dr. Bucay loves.
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Packed with peptides and niacinamide, this rejuvenating serum is one of Dr. Day's favorites at any price point, thanks to its impressive ingredients list and luxurious feel.
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If your skin leans on the drier side and requires a little extra in the moisture department, Dr. Bucay says that this silky serum will do the trick without a greasy or heavy feel.
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Dr. Day says that, while this cult-favorite serum might not be particularly hydrating on its own, it works to complement the body's natural hydration levels to keep skin perfectly balanced. She suggests using it year-round for maximum results.

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