Love At First Sight: Karl (The Man) Meets Karl (The Necklace)

If you're an accessories designer boppin' down the street wearing one of your bead-and-rhinestone necklaces crafted in the likeness of Karl Lagerfeld, what do you think the chances are that you'd run into the man himself? Well, as it turns out, the odds are pretty much 100%. Victor-John Villanueva, the maker of awesome, oversized pixelated portrait necklaces of Lagerfeld, Gaga, Anna Wintour, and — our fave — Bill Cunningham, was strutting on Mercer Street today and — whaddyaknow — ran into the Kaiser. Naturally, Villanueva was all like, "OMG, I'm wearing my Karl! I have to show him!" One thing followed another and, thanks to one of Lagerfeld's assistants, a beautiful New York moment was captured for posterity. Apparently, Karl digs Karl. We'd advise you to stop over to Villanueva's site and snap up your favorite celeb in hopes of a similar encounter, but be warned — we wouldn't expect Wintour to give you such a warm welcome.
Photo: Courtesy Victor-John Villanueva

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