Jay-Z Earns Racks On Racks From Occupy Wall Street Tees

In America, there's no point to embracing a new sociopolitical movement if you can't make a little bank off it, too, and Shawn Carter (aka, Jay-Z), a former dealer and eternal hustler, isn't one to let a money-making opportunity pass him by. That's why we're neither surprised nor disappointed that his clothing company, Rocawear, is making T-shirts supporting the Occupy Movement while keeping the profits from their sale. Hova's shirts read, "Occupy All Streets," a neat little riff on the protests that started in Zuccotti Park that seems to point the focus away from the billionaires and banks and toward the rough neighborhoods and underfunded school districts where Jigga grew up. Perhaps because he came from those streets, Jay isn't sharing the funds he collects from sales with the ersatz coalition of liberal-arts students and middle-class protestors who make up the Occupy Movement — and, this being America and all — we can hardly blame him. Still, it would be nice if Jay bought a few paninis for the kids down there, along with a few boxes of his shirts. If you've walked by Zuccotti, you know that the two biggest needs down there are food and clean clothes. (Business Insider)
Photo: Via Business Insider

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