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When we first laid eyes on Hulu’s sprawling new offices, we had one major question: Where are the desks?  While there is room for 500-plus employees to each have a workspace to call their own, it turns out the company's Santa Monica HQ wasn’t designed just to hold bureaus and office chairs. The priority was to ensure that all types of staffers (creatives, type As, constant snackers) could move around freely and find both quiet and collaborative space that feels right for them. After all, a happy employee is a productive one, right?

But, there’s more to it than that. It’s no surprise that a company that’s helped revolutionize the way we watch TV has put both inventive thought and thorough research — with almost clinical stats about how employees spend their time — into their new space. (Seriously: Hulu says its average employee’s day consists of 50% focused work, 35% collaboration, 6% playing, and 5% learning.)

The company's many fact-finding missions (over a lengthy 10 months) led to a space that boasts arcade games, televisions, tons of collaborative work space, a fully stocked bar, multiple kitchens, private rooms for personal phone calls, and more — all in an effort to prevent work burnout. We think they might be onto something...

Click through our slideshow to see the entire office, and meet a few employees along the way!
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
Did you bring your walking shoes? Hulu's new Santa Monica space is 95,000 square feet!
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
Name: Sara Mailloux
Department: Senior Manager of Workplace, Experience & Facilities

You’ve been hard at work spearheading the design of this new office. What was the main goal?
Everyone uses office space differently, so we wanted to design a space that gave everyone choice and made their day easier. Going into the design, it was simply to make sure the offices would be effective for all teams. We want people to enjoy coming to work!

What was the thought behind all the game areas?
If you work long hours, you have to take a break or you’re going to burn out. We tried to make it really easy to pop into a game room by putting them right next to workspaces.

What’s your favorite Hulu show?

I’m a huge HGTV fan! I especially love House Hunters, because I love watching people find space that works for them.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
TV-inspired images line the walls.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
Name: Jason Ander
Position: Advertising Promotions

What do you do at Hulu?
I work with our internal teams to package new and exciting opportunities for advertising brands to sponsor.

Is it weird to work in an industry that didn’t exist 20 years ago?
Completely weird. Depending on who I’m explaining my job to (such as a grandparent vs. a college friend), I have to drastically change my job description to put it into terms that make sense. But, I’m excited to go to work, because it feels relevant and inspiring to be part of where TV is headed.

What’s in your Hulu history?
My all-time-favorite Hulu original show is definitely The Hotwives of Orlando. Casey Wilson? Enough said. And, I know I’m late to the game, but I just recently got into Bob’s Burgers. It’s well written, and the voice talent is insane. I’ve always been a big fan of edgy animation like Family Guy and South Park, and this one is another gem to add to my queue.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
This kitchen is fully stocked with snacks and drinks — and, there's even a bar.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
Breakfast, anyone?
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
The pool table is just one way employees can take their highly encouraged breaks.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
Name: Lisa Holme
Department: Content Acquisition

What’s your role at Hulu?
It’s my job to identify the content we need to have on Hulu to appeal to the audiences we’re trying to attract, and then to negotiate the license agreements to bring that content onto Hulu.

Do you stream at home?
Absolutely! I’m a streaming-only household, except for every other year, when I have to set up rabbit ears to watch the Olympics!

Has working at Hulu changed your taste in TV?
The biggest change is how much international TV I watch, from British period dramas to quirky Australian comedy to European crime drama to Canadian sitcoms. I’m much more up to speed on TV from around the world.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
Nicknamed "The Well," this massive stairwell is where employees hang out, work, and attend company meetings.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
There are tons of rooms to get the creative juices flowing.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
We're on #teamhulu.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
Name: Vinny Pereira
Department: Video Production & Cinematography

What's your average day like at work?
My days are never the same; sometimes, I’m in a quiet editing bay creating a show promo, and other days I’m on location shooting for a high-production Hulu project. In my cinematography role, I work closely with the producers to set up each scene and shot to match the vision for the project. This includes coordinating the camera crew and choosing the right lenses, filters, lighting, and cameras to bring the story to life visually.

What’s in your Hulu History?

Being able to watch Comedy Central anytime I want has been an amazing experience. I started watching Drunk History on Hulu, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I love history and I love comedy; the way they mix them together is brilliant.

Is it weird to work in an industry that didn’t exist 20 years ago?
I don’t think it’s weird at all. I am happy to be a part of a new company and idea as revolutionary as Hulu. I will be able to look back in 20 years and say I was part of the organization that transformed the way we watch TV.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
Don't mind if we do...
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
One goal in the new space was to create super-comfortable places for collaborative work time.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
Even though the company has hundreds of employees, no birthday is forgotten.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
Name: Tony Archibong
Department: Business Development & Distribution Partnerships

What’s your role at Hulu?
I oversee business development and marketing for some of our distribution partnerships. Our team’s efforts are to drive customer acquisition and engagement for Hulu by working together with key device partners (like Microsoft, Sony, and Roku), while also proactively developing new strategic partnerships.

How do you take a break?
The pop-a-shot machine in the second-floor game room is my favorite. I haven’t shown her a lot of love since my team moved up to the third floor, but I still swing by for a visit as often as I can.

What’s your latest Hulu find?
Empire. It’s basically just music and high drama, which is all anyone can really ask for in a good TV show.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
Staffers camp out with laptops during big games.
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
Name: Esther Lee
Department: Software Development

What do you do at Hulu?
Basically, I’m part of the team that brings everyone’s amazing ideas to a computer near you.

Besides your desk, where can we find you?
I like the beanbags in The Well. During football season, we take our laptops out there and work with the game on in the background. It gets really loud in there during the World Cup!

What’s in your Hulu history?
I managed to rewatch the entire Sabrina the Teenage Witch series; it was fun to be able to relive a bit of my childhood. My latest discovery is this fantastic Korean drama called Nine. My boyfriend and I started watching it so he could practice his Korean, but we both got completely wrapped up in the story line!
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
We finally found the desks!
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Photographed by Molly Crann.
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