How To Tackle Layering This Fall

Layering is an art and, to this day, we're still hunting for the secret formula. Any social media star who makes it look effortless and easy is lying (or we're just envious). Toss in the confusing up and down climates of fall and we're left wondering how anyone expects us to dress for weather that can run from 50 degrees in the morning to 70 by late afternoon.
We may be preaching to the choir, but there’s a finesse to getting layering down pat. To make it easier on ourselves, we try and abide by a simple three-part structure: bottom, middle, and top. Elementary, we know, but it's easy to overthink it when you're standing in front of your closet. The key also lies in selecting the right pieces — not just any old sweater will do. There's a balancing act to avoiding stiff, bulked up sleeves and exposed necklines, and with the steps ahead, we think we're getting that much closer to figuring it all out.

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