Your Go-To Guide For Capturing The Ultimate 29Rooms Photos

If you haven't had the opportunity to experience the magic that is 29Rooms IRL sometime over the past three years, you've probably at the very least seen a photo or two sprinkled across your timeline. The reason we know that? At the risk of sounding braggy, our once art-focused event — dreamed up by none other than R29 cofounder and creative director Piera Gelardi — has become a pretty big deal. (As in, reaching an average of one out of two Instagram users in 2016 alone.)
For all the amazing qualities it has to offer — bringing art to life in an interactive, meaningful way and acting as a colorful adult playhouse — it's also become synonymous with being a pretty major photo op. (Need proof? Just take a look at this hashtag). So to help you cash in on your dream Insta moments, we're partnering with the brand-new Google Pixel 2 smartphone to unveil our catchall guide for capturing the perfect 29Rooms photos. You'll find everything you need — from the most photogenic, share-worthy rooms to what Pixel 2 features you'll need to use to capture 'em — broken down, ahead. Now all that's left to do is select your photog.
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Dreamers' Den

Put your camera's low-light capabilities to work in this dark speakeasy jazz bar. Channel your inner crooner by leaning into the microphone on stage, and have a friend focus on you by tapping the camera's viewfinder and sliding their finger up and down to adjust the exposure.
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Erotica In Bloom

Spin around underneath the cascading blooms while your friend snaps some photos. The best part? It'll capture your moves as a Motion Photo, too.
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Gender Neutral

Enter this teal-blue gender-defying bathroom, and snap a quick mirror selfie surrounded by influential doodles and words. Then, enter each stall to find the saying that speaks most to you, tap your viewfinder to lock the focus on that saying to ensure it shows up at its sharpest, and snap your photo. Adjust the exposure by tapping the viewfinder, and sliding up or down.
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The Future Is Female

Practice your one-two punch in this high-energy punching-bag room while recruiting a friend to capture your moves in both still and Motion Photos. Be sure to scroll through your camera roll afterwards to make sure your combo was captured in all its glory.
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The Womb

Capture yourself in this all-encompassing womb room using the Pixel 2’s new selfie Portrait Mode. Open the camera, make sure it's front-facing, and choose Portrait. For the best blurred background, leave a bit of space between yourself and the edges of the room.
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