What To Wear When It's Too Hot To Wear Anything

You know those hot, humid days when you open the door to leave your apartment and feel like you've walked into a city-sized steam room? When that happens, it's basically impossible not to immediately regret any piece of clothing I've decided to wear. If the chances of becoming the next viral video star were lower, I would just rip off my clothes and continue on my way in the nude.
Unfortunately, that scenario is just begging to go viral, so it really isn't an option. And equally as unfortunate, the personal AC unit that I tote around (a.k.a. my trusty misting fan) doesn't cut it on sweltering days, either. So, the only viable solution is to be strategic with the clothing choices I make on the hottest days of the year. In an effort to feel a little cooler, I've hunted and gathered the most functional clothing for hellishly warm weather. While it may not be ideal to wear clothes at all, the 10 picks ahead are definitely the next best thing.
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The Two-Piece Set
This set's linen-blend is super breathable, and knotting the top maximizes airflow while doubling as a modern styling tip. The material is basically like wearing PJs, but you still look put-together and TBH, fancy.

Free People Westwood Set, $98, available at Free People.
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The Swimsuit As A Bodysuit
Swimsuits are made for getting wet, which means they are good at handling your sweat, too. Try swapping your tank for a one-piece that looks like a tee, especially if you love wearing a color that is prone to showing off your sweat marks.

Lisa Marie Fernandez Leandra Striped Swimsuit, $430 $301, available at MatchesFashion.com.
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The White-Tee Spin-Off
A loose white tee is always a good move in heinous temps, but even better is swapping your white tee for a white T-shirt dress like this one. Since it's the only thing you'll have to throw on, the thin sheath will make you feel extra-cool (in temp and aesthetic), won't cling to your body, and you can wear it over pants on colder days.

Wilfred Free Radhika Dress, $95, available at Aritzia.
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The Athletic Short
Yes, you can wear athletic shorts during the day! Adidas' track-pant craze isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so get in on the trend now with a pair of the brand's shorts, instead.

Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang Soccer Shorts, $150 $105, available at Opening Ceremony.
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The Mesh Shirt
There's absolutely nothing more breathable than a mesh top. It's also an ideal layering piece: Wear it with a bra, a tank, something high-waisted, something low-waisted, or even a long-sleeved top underneath in the winter.

Out From Under Swiss Dot Baby Tee, $24, available at Urban Outfitters.
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The Not-Just-For-The-Pool Slide Sandal
Slide sandals might be an obvious choice. They slip on and off with ease, so you can really air those feet out when necessary throughout the day. They're good for the pool or the gym, but they're also good for other wet environments (i.e., very sweaty feet). This pair is ideal, because the splash of color dresses things up, but they're still functional for hot days.

Zara Flat Beaded Slides, $49.90, available at Zara.
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The Flowy Skirt
In extreme heat, you may think the less fabric, the better. Sometimes, though, our miniskirts can be too structured and not-so-breathable — they end up trapping a lot of heat and are uncomfortable to sit in. So, instead of basing your selection on short vs. long, look at the silhouette more closely. This skirt will hang loosely, so as to not touch most of your body. The asymmetric hem will move as you move, allowing for some airflow.

Marc Jacobs Ruffled Fil Coupé Cotton Wrap Skirt, $450, available at Net-A-Porter.
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The Loose, Open-Back Dress
Let that back breathe in a dress that won't cling to the rest of your body, either.

Loéil Charlotte Dress, $89, available at Loéil.
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The Breathable Pant
Sometimes, you just want to wear pants. Maybe the reason is you don't like shorts. Maybe you feel like you can be more active in pants — or maybe you have no reason at all. If you're going to go for pants in the hot, hot heat, try a cotton pair that is built for the task.

Solid & Striped Striped Wide-leg Pants, $120, available at Moda Operandi.
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The Sports Bra As A Top
Like many of the other picks in this slideshow, it's smart to utilize items that are built for sweat. A longer-line sports bra that doesn't have a traditional sports-bra cut can be a cool layering piece with super flimsy, low-cut tanks — or as a top on its own.

No Ka'Oi Multi Nalu Ola Sports Bra, $145 $87, available at Avenue32.

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