11 Ways To Get Sandal-Ready In Time For Spring

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    Ashlee Piper, the lady beyond eco-conscious blog The Little Foxes, is a staunch supporter of cruelty-free living. But, even if you're not ready to adopt a vegan lifestyle, Ashlee's on hand for everything from spotting animal products in your shampoo to the best natural mascaras on the market.

    The first day of spring came and went, but two things didn’t seem to get the memo — Mother Nature and my less-than-pampered feet. If you’re like me, your dogs have been hiding in boots and socks and they need a little TLC to come out and play, without scaring the neighborhood kids.

    Behold: Ahead, I've wrangled 11 natural, cruelty-free, amazingly vegan remedies that will take your rough, cracked, scaly feet to a place of pedi bliss. And, because there’s an order to the proper home pedi, I’ve included these step-by-step. Run — don’t walk — to this party, and bring your open-toed sandals, too.

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