We Got You A Bouquet Of 15 Floral Nail-Art Designs (Because We Love You)

The weather is right for floral sundresses, and, of course, the real things are bursting out of gardens and sidewalks everywhere. But when it comes to pairing those blossom-covered dresses with our nails, we're looking for more than just pretty petals. That's why we're daring the challengers in our Nail Art Nation contest to go impressionistic, abstract, pointillistic, or basically do whatever it takes with their Revlon Nail Art polishes to create a flowery fiesta that puts their grandmothers' forals to shame. They better, because the grand prize — a starring role in a Refinery29 nail-art-tutorial video — hangs in the balance.
Of course, to check out all these beautiful nail bouquets in their full splendor, you're going to have to click over to the Nail Art Nation homepage. Sorry, we just couldn't fit all that amazingness in this itty-bitty space.

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