We Asked 8 People If Astrology Plays A Role In Their Relationship

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We said it before and we'll say it again: Romantic compatibility theories abound in astrology and are by no means make-or-break rules for every couple. However, it is kind of cool when you learn that your sign is said to be well-suited for your partner's — and you can actually see that compatibility playing out IRL.
I could talk forever about my own relationship and the Capricorn-Cancer dynamics therein, but I wanted to see if this sort of kismet, in which your relationship's actual, real-life dynamics can be seen in your respective astrological identities, has happened to other couples. So, I asked R29 readers to share their thoughts on the matter: What sort of dynamic is at play in their relationship, and do they feel like their sign has helped to define that dynamic?
Some people had a very pat view of astrology's role in their relationship — it was absolutely a factor in their relationship's success. A few people specifically noted that their "cusp" signs helped them understand their partner's better. (For the record, the idea of a "cusp" sign, which occurs when someone's birthday falls between two signs' solar seasons, isn't supported throughout the entire astro community, but, if believing in it only adds to your warm and fuzzy feelings about your lover, we don't see the harm in that.) Meanwhile, others believed their relationship succeeded in spite of astrology, since their sign is supposedly incompatible with their S.O.'s.
Whether you have stayed up into the wee hours analyzing your S.O.'s birth chart or haven't thought about their astrological identity once, stopping to see where your sign (or your partner's) shows up in your relationship can be pretty darn revealing. Maybe you're a Cancer who realizes you fully embody the "caregiver" role in your partnership. Maybe you're a Gemini who can't help but poke and prod at your partner for details and answers to your myriad questions. Whatever it is that you notice, we bet you'll start reading your horoscope a little more closely after that.
Read on to see how astrology (sometimes) makes its way into romantic relationships.
Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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