Zayn Malik Is Now A Full-Blown Blonde (Beard Included)

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Zayn Malik is clocking record time at the salon as of late. After getting a sizable black rose tattoo inked on the back of his neck a few days back, the singer added a few more pieces to his body art collection (including one that possibly represents his age, the number 25 on his neck), before revealing his newest transformation: an ultra-blonde hair and beard.
In the new look, it appears Malik has kept his fade cut, but bleached it to levels of platinum blonde not seen on the star in more than two years. But that’s not all. Malik’s facial hair — a beard and moustache — are also lightened to a buttery blonde that matches the hair along the crown of his head, bringing the whole look together.
What’s less clear is the reason behind the singer’s sudden hair change. Photos of Malik’s new look were reportedly snapped while he was on set in Miami for a video shoot. It wouldn't be the first time that the singer freshened his look for work: The hair color is a throwback to the one he wore in his Pillowtalk video, in which he and former girlfriend Gigi Hadid star.
Of course, it’s only a matter of time before the Internet cites #breakuphair as the reason for the change, just as many have speculated after seeing the star’s new tattoos. Is the drastic new look truly a breakup hair change? Was it conceived by a daft stylist for his new video shoot? Or does the star simply have more “me” time since his split from Gigi Hadid last week?
Until the man himself sends signals over social media, we may never know. If we were the betting kind, we’d say that after seeing so much change on the singer in a matter of days, odds are he’ll find even more time in the salon chair before the week is over — whether it’s for another hair transformation (facial or otherwise), more fresh ink, or maybe even a facial or massage — that treat yo self, self care life seems to agree with the man.
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