How To Make Your Eyes Look Like Facebook (Thanks, YSL)

At first, we hoped that the Facebook-inspired YSL eyeshadow palette was some kind of internet joke that looked really real but wasn't actually real — like Tobias Funke-flavored Ben & Jerry's or miniature giraffes. Unfortunately, all signs point to the fact that the high-end brand is, indeed, producing a limited number of eyeshadow quads, inspired by the hues in the site's design, for their Facebook fans to buy.
We know that Facebook is a great venue for brands to connect to their fans and offer their loyal customers special products. But, our hesitation to the palette is not because it's bad — we've just always looked to YSL as one of the chicest and most inspiring brands in the world, and we just never pictured they would be "In A [Business] Relationship" with Facebook's muted-blue hue.

But, are we being too harsh? Would you wear your favorite social-media colors on your lids, or are you scratching your head at this unexpected combo, too?


Photo: Via Fashionista

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