The New Suit: Meet The 10 Most Creative, Innovative Entrepreneurs Redefining Office Style

The movers and shakers of our parents’ generation donned wing tips, wide ties, and poly pantsuits en route to the office. The look — and the work — was often practical and predictable, a mirror of the more conservative times. They reserved casual fashions like Levi's, sundresses, and quirky kicks for their off hours only... sad, but true.
But this generation's movers and shakers dream of — and often commute to — creative studios festooned with foosball tables and beanbags, instead of cookie-cutter cubicles. Alongside ideas of work and success, the company suit has also undergone an evolution. Today's innovators are as likely to wear plaids and skinny jeans as they are old-school worsted wool. And under the conference table, double-stacked heels and collector’s-edition high-tops share space with classic oxfords. Looking around a modern workspace, you might wonder if there's any contemporary office dress code at all.
Levi’s® — whose workwear has graduated from the mines to the boardroom — is our hunting partner as we Go Forth to track down the elusive modern professional wardrobe. With them, we've sought out those who are reimagining office style today — this generation's most inspired and successful young entrepreneurs. Come along and meet the men and women who are not only forging new professional paths, but defining what The New Suit can be in a world where anything goes.

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